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eBook | Presented by Schneider Electric

How to Build Maximum Availability into Edge Data Center Infrastructure Brochure

This eBook includes all the information you need to quickly and easily put together a sound plan for your edge data center upgrade or deployment.

Benefits of On-Premise Edge Micro Data Center Solutions

Explore what’s driving the move to edge computing and how it benefits companies, as well as the advantages of on-premise edge computing using micro data centers.

eBook | Presented by Schneider Electric

Best Practices for Edge Data Center Monitoring

In this eBook, we will cover exactly what edge computing is, the benefits of implementation, and the best practices for doing so.

Case Study | Presented by Logicworks

Cardknox Payment Gateway Chooses Logicworks to Assist with Automation and PCI Compliance on AWS

Learn how Logicworks helped Cardknox, a payment gateway platform, migrate to a PCI-compliant AWS environment and build a custom CI/CD deployment pipeline.

White Paper | Presented by Logicworks

Choose the Best Cloud Operations Delivery Model for Your Organization’s Needs

If you're like the majority of enterprises, you are likely struggling with how to implement cloud operations best practices at scale.

White Paper | Presented by Intelsat

Connectivity for the Global Enterprise: How to Complete Your SD-WAN Solution

SD-WAN is a significant departure from legacy WAN technology and network design. As such, it involves developing new sets of skills as well as making capital investments in equipment and software. However, these costs are more than offset by savings over time. 

Digital Trust, The New Business Foundation

All economic transactions are based on the principals of trust. This was documented in 1972 by Nobel Prize winner economist Kenneth Arrow, who pointed out that "virtually every commercial transaction has within itself an element of trust" and how higher trust equated to higher levels of economic activity.

Video/Webcast | Presented by CloudFlare

Extending your network security from HQ to everywhere on Earth: an on-demand webinar

Watch this on-webinar to learn how you can transform your security architecture and take advantage of cloud-native network security-as-a-service from Cloudflare.

Case Study | Presented by Logicworks

Global Leader in Healthcare Enterprise Identification Software Launches EMPI Platform as Cloud-Based SaaS with Logicworks

NextGate’s software was deployed in a single tenant model, with each hospital system or healthcare provider installing their software in their own datacenters.

eBook | Presented by Schneider Electric

How To Make Physical Infrastructure Security at the Edge Easier Brochure

The benefits of edge computing make addressing physical infrastructure security challenges worth the effort. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this problem. We created this brochure to walk you through the steps of ensuring the physical security of your edge IT investments.

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