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White Paper | Presented by Databricks

2021 Gartner Reports: Databricks named a Leader in 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ in both DBMS and DSML

Download these reports to learn why Databricks was named a Leader and gain additional insight on what to look for when evaluating a cloud data platform that can deliver on both your traditional analytics needs and your goals for AI.

White Paper | Presented by ISACA

Safeguarding the Future: How Upskilling Can Protect Your Organization and Employees

Did you know that 94% of key decision-makers say certified staff provide added value above and beyond the cost of certification?

eBook | Presented by Databricks

The Big Book of Data Engineering

This how-to guide provides everything you need to learn how to translate raw data into actionable data. You’ll learn best practices from leaders and experts using code samples, notebooks and public data sets.

eBook | Presented by Databricks

The Bill Inmon Book

According to Bill, the data lakehouse presents an opportunity similar to the early years of the data warehouse market. The lakehouse’s unique ability to combine the data science focus of the data lake with the analytics power of the data warehouse — in an open environment — will unlock incredible value for organizations.

Solution Brief | Presented by Zenlayer

Solution Brief: Zenlayer Global Accelerator

Zenlayer Global Accelerator (ZGA) is a network acceleration service built on Zenlayer’s massive global private infrastructure.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Zenlayer

What is Zenlayer Global Accelerator?

Build stable, secure, high-speed cross-border network connectivity for your business today with Zenlayer Global Accelerator!

White Paper | Presented by Zenlayer

White Paper: Zenlayer Global Accelerator

As businesses grow across the country borders, they are under enormous pressure to connect global users to digital services.

White Paper | Presented by D2iQ

An Introduction to Kubernetes Multi-tenancy

In this whitepaper, you'll learn the whys and hows of Kubernetes multi-tenancy-key use cases, common challenges, and best practices.

Government: 7 Steps to better data quality management

Well-managed and protected data ensures the safety and effectiveness of business operations while protecting data and critical assets. Veeam® builds data management systems that go beyond simple backup and recovery, enabling government agencies to maximize their data capability through comprehensive, centralized, and efficient data protection and management. 

eBook | Presented by Juniper Networks

How to Enable an Elastic Network Perimeter With Secure SD-WAN

This eBook explores why IT leaders need to look towards next generation, secure, session-based SD-WAN to optimize user experiences, while keeping costs manageable, delivering on stringent security requirements, and reducing complexity.

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