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Accelerate DevOps with Composable Infrastructure

Demands on IT have increased. Many traditional workloads, such as large commercial databases and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, now run alongside apps native to the cloud and highly virtualized systems. For a growing number of IT organizations, the key to meeting these demands lies in composable infrastructure. Composable infrastructure in the form of HPE Synergy accelerates application deployment and enhances a business' agility.

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eBook: The General Data Protection Regulation

If you think your organization may be impacted by the GDPR, now's the time to start preparing. We highly recommend you seek legal advice to determine what may be required for your specific situation. However, there are a number of factors that all organizations should be considering.

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Moving Away from Spreadsheets How to Know When It's Time

Fact (undisputable): The static nature of spreadsheets makes them very difficult to use to drive sales behavior. When you're looking at a labyrinth of cells and equations, this information is almost impossible to discern at any kind of large scale. You may see a few trees, but you won't see the forest.

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Why IT Struggles with Digital Transformation and What to Do About It

As we enter 2018, two-thirds of Global 2000 CEOs have digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategies. Yet many IT organizations continue to accumulate the crippling technical debt and spiraling complexity that holds back innovation. Perhaps unsurprisingly, staff turnover for CIOs is on the rise.

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Global DDoS Attacks & Cyber Security Insights Report

Determined DDoS attackers are running into more determined defenders, but unfortunately they are achieving more breach success than a year ago, especially in terms of reported theft. As digital transformation to cloud technologies in the modern enterprise continues to take hold, organizations will need to evolve protection strategies and continue to work to counter ever-evolving DDoS assaults.

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Read this eBook from Neustar to hear the lessons learned on the front lines of 2017's record-breaking ransomware attacks.

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Cloud-Integrated Backup: How to Save Money and Increase Efficiency

This easy to read eBook examines the benefits of cloud backup solutions and features examples of companies that are using cloud storage to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.

eBook: Not All Cloud Contact Center Platforms Are Created Equal

Everyone says they're "in the cloud," but most technology leaders would agree that not all clouds are created equal. When evaluating a cloud contact center solution for your business, it's important to understand the difference between a true Cloud 2.0 application and traditional software, including which features to look for and why those features are important.

eBook: The Truth About Cloud in Small Contact Centers

What if the cloud could radically improve your customer's experience, your operations, and your bottom line? There's a reason why many organizations are taking advantage of the benefits of cloud for contact centers.

eBook | Presented by NetApp

Five Myths About Backing Up to the Cloud

Are misperceptions preventing your company from taking advantage of the cloud? Discover why common objections to cloud backup are based on myths rather than reality.

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