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The Complete Contract Management Solution Buyer’s Guide

The Complete Contract Management Solution Buyer’s Guide is a thorough look at contract management solutions, key considerations, and the most powerful contract management platform evaluation checklist in existence.

eBook | Presented by CyberArk Software

An assume breach Mindset

Traditional perimeter-based IT security models conceived to control access to trusted enterprise networks aren’t well suited for today’s world of cloud services and mobile users.

eBook | Presented by Replicated

Build vs. Buy: Modern On-Prem Delivery & Management

Delivering and managing your Kubernetes apps on-premises is a formidable task. Dedicating time and resources to the right places is paramount to success. Deciding whether to build or buy is a challenge for any organization, and each step along the way is critical to the long-term success of your business. We’re here to help with that decision. This free eBook covers: Putting Time to Market Top of Mind - Leveraging the size of your team and the scope of your resources to get to market fast. DIY or DIBuy? - Every criterion for success when it comes to building or buying. Competitive Advantages - Spend money and resources on the core functionality of your product, not your software delivery solution.

eBook | Presented by Oracle Corporation

Content Creator’s Playbook 2020 Edition

Content creation requires writing skills. Good content—whether it’s an email, social media post, guide, case study, or something else—needs good, sharp writing so that is clear and easy to understand and digest. But what is good writing? What separates good writing from mediocre or poor? As with any art form, there are not many hard and fast rules to writing, and it can involve much experimentation, and sometimes you can justify breaking whatever conventions do exist.

eBook | Presented by Cloudinary

Leveraging New Developments in Digital Asset Management for Powerful Workflow Efficiencies

Every business today, whether it’s a global corporation or a small charity, faces a common challenge --

eBook | Presented by Proofpoint

Reimagining Email Security: Protecting with People-Centric Email Security in the Cloud Era

More than 90% of cyberattacks start with email.  But as organizations continue to shift their systems to the cloud, cyber criminals are shifting their tactics by blending both email and cloud attacks to take advantage.  

Navigating Your Hybrid Multicloud Vision

The impact of the cloud on both the business and IT is undeniable.

eBook | Presented by NTT DATA

The Time for Digital Reinvention Is Now: Manufacturers Build a Platform for Innovation

Learn how manufacturers can use advanced technologies like cloud, IoT and AI to scale their digital landscape, integrate across the value chain and drive never-before realized value

eBook | Presented by ColorTokens Inc.

Securing Point of Sale Systems: Ensuring Business Continuity For Retailers

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting Point of Sale (POS) systems as they are vulnerable to advanced attacks and can cripple businesses instantly.

eBook | Presented by ComplyScore

Advantages of using a Managed Service Provider

Third-party risk management (TPRM) is an essential process to help mitigate risk and manage potential costs associated with third-party cybersecurity risks.

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