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White Paper | Presented by Expedient

Cloud Different?: The Promise of the Multi-Cloud Era

Cloud is 15 years old. Your strategy shouldn't be. Our guide outlines what's worked in that time, what hasn't, and why a new approach is necessary to finally realize the potential of cloud to deliver on digital transformation.

White Paper | Presented by JAMF

Definitive Guide to Google Chrome for the Apple Enterprise Fleet?

Deploy, enroll and manage Google Chrome with Jamf Pro to support your Apple enterprise fleet.

White Paper | Presented by Mimecast

How to Help Prevent Increasingly Rampant Brand Exploitation

Brands have been the unwitting victims of scams since time immemorial. Now, in the age of phishing, it’s worse than ever.

White Paper | Presented by JAMF

How to Take Advantage of macOS Big Sur Security Benefits

Even the most benign update may include fixes to a series of critical security flaws that an attacker could leverage against the device.

White Paper | Presented by Mimecast

InfoTech Software Reviews Report: Mimecast Vs. Proofpoint

This report provides a high level summary of product performance within the Data Archiving category from InfoTech’s Software Reviews.

White Paper | Presented by Mimecast

The State of Email Security Report 2020

The state of the world in 2020 is unlike anything we have experienced before, and it’s trickled down to have an impact on the IT and security world.

White Paper | Presented by Mimecast

The Total Economic Impact? Of Mimecast

Cybercrime affects every organization no matter the size or type, and it’s a threat that is growing and changing constantly.

White Paper | Presented by JAMF

Understanding the App Lifecycle: Patch Management

Managing apps through their lifecycle — from sourcing to updating to the experience users have — is a critical component of an IT admin’s job.

White Paper | Presented by Isara

Crypto-pocalypse? Crypto-agility? Expanding Your Quantum Vocabulary in 2021

Will your organization survive the crypto-pocalypse? “The power of quantum computing brings the day closer when the conventional encryption we all rely on can no longer protect us,” warns Roger A. Grimes, cybersecurity author and columnist.

Accelerate Digital Transformation with’s IT Infrastructure Orchestration Solution

In an unprecedented period of digital transformation, business leaders across the globe must adapt and utilize new tools to stay competitive, improve customer retention and enhance employee fulfillment by driving a reactive digital transformation agenda within the departments of their enterprise.

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