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White Paper | Presented by Mixpanel

Got User Analytics? If Not, You Should

Make sense of the deluge of customer data in your organization. User analytics unifies disparate data, allowing businesses to track and analyze online and offline user actions across many products. The result is a new level of insight into customer engagement. Learn not only what users do, but why they do it.

Forrester Report: CS Trends ‘18

Forrester Research has identified 10 customer service trends in 2018 for AD&D and others who support customer service. Before you strategize on improving your quality of service, read this Forrester Report by Vice President and Principal Analyst Kate Leggett

7 Steps for Delivering Next Generation Customer Service

Modern contact centers support a variety of digital channels. But do they provide a personal experience for each customer? Learn how with this report.

White Paper | Presented by Synack

The Complete Guide to Crowdsourced Security Testing

We wrote a comprehensive guide just for you that outlines the differences between programs that incentivize crowdsourced researchers with bounties to find unknown vulnerabilities.

White Paper | Presented by BOX INC

AIIM 2017 State of Information Management

Transforming your content by making it accessible in the cloud is the first step to digital transformation. Where are you on this journey?

White Paper | Presented by Mixpanel

Forrester Study Supports the Business Case for Mixpanel

The Forrester Total Economic Impact report examines the potential ROI of Mixpanel’s user analytics solution.Through in-depth interviews with customers across industries, they found that Mixpanel clients see a 298% return on investment. Download the study today to read all of Forrester’s findings.

White Paper | Presented by Micro Focus

Micro Focus Integrating Host Systems with Modern Security Frameworks

This white paper reveals a practical way to bring your host systems into the modern security fold - finally closing the technology gap - without jeopardizing business operations.

White Paper | Presented by Micro Focus

Micro Focus Using Multifactor Authentication to Authorize Mainframe Access

Passwords Are Bad - To be blunt, authenticating users with usernames and passwords is no longer effective. Why? Because users are careless with passwords. They choose obvious ones. They use the same password over and over again. And they write passwords down on sticky notes that anyone can find.

White Paper | Presented by F5 Networks

Strengthen Your Identity Security

Explore our capabilities and benefits for Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) and Office 365 in the following pages of this eBook.

White Paper | Presented by F5 Networks

Protect Your Apps from Cyber Attacks: Best Practices

Apps are central to any digital business, and in today’s competitive marketplace, your applicationsare your business. Apps are vital to today’s always-connected world, giving customers, employees, and stakeholders access to important services.

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