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White Paper | Presented by Stratix Corp

Ahead of the Curve: How Mobile Tech Adoption Maturity is Reshaping Enterprise Growth

Success in the current fast-moving digital landscape often hinges upon how effective enterprises can manage their workforces transitioning from laptop and PC-dominance to mobile device-centric environments. IT leaders and decision makers navigating these challenges must settle upon a coherent strategy and cadence for mobile tech adoption relative to their competitors.

Beginner’s Guide to Open Source Intrusion Detection Tools

This white paper provides an overview of Open Source IDS and the various IDS tools available today. Whether you need to monitor hosts or the networks connecting them to identify the latest threats, these are some of the best open source intrusion detection (IDS) tools available to you.

Open Source Network Security Tools for Beginners

AT&T and AlienVault have joined forces to create AT&T Cybersecurity, with a vision to provide phenomenal threat intelligence, collaborative defense, and effective security for organizations of all sizes. In this white paper, we'll provide an overview of some of our favorite open source tools as well as tips on how to use them for network security.

2019 Data Exposure Report

The 2019 Data Exposure Report is based on our survey of 1,028 information security leaders, as well as 615 business decision-makers, all with budgetary decision-making power.

3 Ways to Protect Data from Insider Threats

90% of insider threats go undetected – often for weeks or months Stopping insider threats is one of the biggest challenges facing security teams because of limited data visibility.

Departing Employees Are Your Biggest Insider Threat

Last year, 24 million departing employees took data and 90% of them went undetected. Quitters are walking out the door with valuable information — from source code and CAD files to financial documents and customer lists.

White Paper | Presented by SelectHub

The Top 7 CMMS Software Features You Must Consider Before Buying

Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) help you keep track of your firm’s physical assets and manage their upkeep. A CMMS can contribute greatly to the efficiency of work impacting business uptime and profitability. In this guide, we compare some of the top CMMS solutions for 2019 and reveal the most important requirements and features you’ll need to consider when adopting such software.

The Total Economic Impact Of Next-Gen Data Loss Protection

No business wants to imagine that they’ll be subject to data loss, but whether it’s a result of a malicious act or an innocent mistake, there are financially detrimental risks involved with inadequate protection.

Zero Trust: It’s the Data that Matters

Remember when the key to data security was just keeping the bad guys out?

Fast-Track Your Windows 10 Migration

New white paper: Fast-Track Your Windows 10 Migration

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