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White Paper | Presented by Zapproved, Inc

How to Guide: Establishing Process

In Start Here: A How-to Guide to Establishing an Ediscovery Process, we’ve given stage-by-stage advice about how to achieve real, measurable improvements in your ediscovery. We cover every step from legal holds to post-matter resolution, complete with best practices and a helpful checklist for reference. In short, this practical guide can help you create and implement an effective, modern ediscovery process.

White Paper | Presented by ArcTouch

5 Steps to a Blockchain Proof of Concept

66% of CIOs and IT leaders believe blockchain will create business disruption. But how do you evaluate the potential of blockchain for your company? Start with a proof of concept. This step-by-step guide provides the framework to build your first blockchain application — in as little as 4 weeks.

White Paper | Presented by SecureAuth

Making Passwordless Possible: How SecureAuth is eliminating passwords while improving security and user experience

This paper explores how you can actually increase security and make users more productive by removing them.

White Paper | Presented by SecureAuth

Get the Access Management You Need for Office 365: Prevent attackers from using stolen credentials to compromise your cloud data

Office 365 is popular with users…and cyber attackers. Passwords and two-factor authentication (2FA) may not be enough between attackers and your sensitive data. Prevent more identity-related breaches by knowing more about those requesting access.

White Paper | Presented by SecureAuth

Increase Identity Security Without Increasing User Disruptions: A Case for Adaptive Authentication

This white paper explores how you can supplement 2FA and improve access security without continually disrupting users.

White Paper | Presented by VeloCloud

SD-WAN Becomes the Network

The network of yesterday is not the network that can take businesses into the future. As mission critical enterprise applications move to the cloud, wide area network (WAN) must adapt to become agile, flexible, and scale rapidly.

White Paper | Presented by VeloCloud

SD-WAN is a Critical Component in the Future of Retail

Digitization is reshaping the retail landscape across every industry faster than ever before. Just look at how the makeup of the Fortune 500 has changed from the early days of the digital era, in 2000. An alarming 52% of those companies have gone through acquisitions, mergers or bankruptcies, or they simply don’t exist anymore.

Software License Management for Cloud Cost Optimization

The Software License Management as a Critical Part of Cloud Cost Optimization" white paper by industry analyst Enterprise Management Associates explores the consequences of not considering software license costs when deploying in the cloud and pinpoints why it occurs. Download now.

White Paper | Presented by VeloCloud

Spotlight On The Total Economic Impact Of A Virtual Cloud Network

As organizations prioritize digital transformation initiatives, many are finding that legacy networks are holding them back. To support new business models, cloud adoption, and an explosion in connected devices, modern networks must support interoperability across data centers, multiple clouds, branch locations, and edge devices.

White Paper | Presented by

The IT Guide to the Lightning Platform

The Lightning Platform empowers everyone in your organization — from admins and business users to professional developers — to build apps. Get your copy of “The IT Guide to the Lightning Platform” and see how you can: • Iterate and build apps fast with no code-builders and pro-code tools • Connect Salesforce data to customer facing apps with Heroku • Deliver integrated, intelligent, instantly mobile apps for employees, customers, and partners

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