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Research/Infographic | Presented by ALTR

Controlling Sensitive Data Across the Enterprise

ALTR’s 100% cloud-native service embeds monitoring, governance, and protection at the code level to close those gaps and improve security, simplify compliance, and increase accountability. This unique approach to data access controls fosters more rapid development and deployment of secure applications, and enables greater innovation across the entire enterprise.

White Paper | Presented by ALTR

Data Protection is Everyone’s Job, So it’s No One’s Job

Data security falls between the cracks, not quite at home under the CTO, the CIO, the CISO, or within business units. Based on the ALTR team's extensive field experience, this white paper lays out the only truly effective way forward — putting data security firmly in the hands of those who develop the apps.

White Paper | Presented by ALTR

Introduction to Data Security as a Service (DSaaS)

Data Security as a Service (DSaaS) enables application and security leaders to mitigate the risk and compliance burdens for all of your organization’s sensitive data through a simple, portable, cloud-native service. This Refcard walks you through data access monitoring, access governance, and at-rest protection for sensitive PII, PHI, and PCI data.

White Paper | Presented by ALTR

Protecting Sensitive Data in Your Cloud Data Warehouse

Cloud Data Warehouses are ushering in a new era of convenience in data access. But that broader access brings with it critical concerns about data governance, especially in light of new privacy and security regulations. Read this white paper to learn more!

Solution Brief | Presented by ALTR

Remove the Risks of Cloud Migration with ALTR

Efficiency, accessibility and flexibility are motivating virtually every organization to adopt the cloud in one way or the other. Not only does operating in the cloud enable data to move freely and promote collaboration on virtually all fronts, but it’s also incredibly convenient for today’s dispersed workforce. Access data anytime, anywhere.