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Case Study | Presented by AVI-SPL

Encourage Seamless Staff and Customer Collaboration with Zoom

Review our case study to learn how wealth management company Truepoint created collaboration spaces that are reliable and easy to use.

White Paper | Presented by AVI-SPL

Help suddenly remote staff do their best work from home

Follow our six steps to help staff adjust to remote work, including sharing video conferencing best practices.

White Paper | Presented by AVI-SPL

5 Steps to an Excellent Video Meeting UX

See how to begin your UX/UI research. AVI-SPL’s David Thorson breaks down the process into five steps for you in our latest guide.

White Paper | Presented by AVI-SPL

Banish Meeting Room Tech Overload

Are your teams and IT support staff overwhelmed with meeting room technology choices? Solve these challenges and create a better UX. Read the “Enterprise Guide to Creating Meeting Room Standards” white paper

White Paper | Presented by AVI-SPL

Enable Productive Collaboration in the Office and Around the World

Discover how Business Development Bank of Canada provided collaboration solutions that help teams make meaningful, productive connections with each other and clients. Read how BDC encouraged these "social collisions" by providing a collaborative workplace focused on design and technology. Download the case study now.

Sponsor Article | Presented by AVI-SPL

Explore the Digital Workplace and Employee Wellness Connection

Discover how offering flexibility with activity-based work areas and work-from-anywhere options can lower employee stress, and boost team collaboration and productivity. Download the “Why Flexibility is Key to Your Workplace Wellness Plan — and Ways to Measure Success” article now.

White Paper | Presented by AVI-SPL

Improve Meeting Room Utilization for Diverse Teams

Teams can represent up to five generations that use video conferencing technology. Encourage engagement with a mix of collaboration spaces and solutions. You'll create a digital workplace that supports all workstyles and meeting preferences. Download the white paper to find out how

White Paper | Presented by AVI-SPL

See How Small Spaces Generate Big Outcomes

Read how shrinking office space leads to collaboration opportunities. Explore how smaller team collaboration spaces deliver big outcomes in productivity, staff engagement, business agility, and real estate savings

White Paper | Presented by AVI-SPL

Solve Common Meeting Room Audio Challenges

Ensure on-site and remote meeting participants can hear, and be heard. Read about microphone and speaker solutions for all types of collaboration spaces, from huddle rooms to boardrooms. Download the article and solve your meeting room audio challenges now.

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