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IDC MarketScape: World Wide Commercial CDN 2019 Vendor Assessment

Download the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Commercial CDN 2019 Vendor Assessment to see why Akamai is named a leader in the market among 8 key CDN vendors.

Player Centric Innovation for Game Delivery

Are your game downloads fast enough? Download speeds can either drive or drown your gamers. One publisher found that a 30% improvement in download speeds resulted in a 10% increase in day-one activation. We also studied player sentiment, and found that 69% complained about long loading times impacting their enjoyment of the game. Read our latest research on online game delivery innovations to find out how you can ensure your players are getting the best experiences.

User Centric Innovation for Software Delivery

The global software industry has experienced tremendous growth over the past several years and end user expectations have risen with it. When it comes to software downloads, software providers are expected to deliver consistent, secure, and optimized experiences to every user, across every device. When the download experience isn’t predictable and reliable, user engagement is likely to decrease and can ultimately impact the bottom line. Simply put, an effective software download distribution strategy is a major factor in keeping users satisfied and engaged. Download this report to read about the latest research and data around the software industry and to learn about the “must have” capabilities for successful software delivery.

What Does “Good” Look Like?: Toward an Industry Standard for Measuring OTT Video Quality

We all accept that the quality of video streaming can impact the enjoyment of watching a great story. Buffering can damage the viewing experience, but research also shows that visual fidelity can affect how we emotionally engage with a story line and remain hooked.

How To Use Smarter Security At The Edge To Mitigating Common Adversarial Tactics And Techniques

The flow of breach news never seems to stop. The most common question any security leader then asks is - Are we vulnerable to a similar attack? That often results in a scramble to answer that question.

Cybersecurity for Small and Midsize Businesses: A New Opportunity for Service Providers

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) need – and want – cybersecurity. However, with limited resources, they often have to look for outsourced solutions. ISPs are well positioned to address SMBs’ security needs with their ongoing IT relationships, established contacts, and billing connections. Security offerings can help providers improve subscriber engagement, drive incremental revenues, and increase service provider affinity.

Data Science is the Foundation for Contemporary Threat Intelligence

Contemporary internet threats are sophisticated and adaptable, they continuously change their complexion to evade security defenses. Traditional rigid, deterministic, rule-based security research are becoming less effective. Security research approaches employing data science methods to implement anomalies-based analysis across very large volumes of anonymized data are now essential.

5 Reasons Enterprises Need a New Application Access Model

The average cost of a breach is $3.86 million. With so much at stake, why do so many enterprises grant access based on an outdated model of assumed trust? And why do businesses rely on antiquated access technologies such as traditional VPNs and remote proxies to provide this application access?

Beyond SD-WAN: Zero Trust Security and the Internet as Corporate WAN

While SD-WAN currently enables the corporate network to handle traffic efficiently and move workloads to the cloud, this network model must continue to iterate. The Internet is the corporate WAN of the near future. Using SD-WAN, combined with the appropriate Zero Trust–compliant security and access services, is the first step to transitioning to the Internet as the corporate network.

Enforce a Zero Trust Security Model In Today's Hostile Environment

Companies are pursuing digital transformation. The goal is to improve customer value, operate with greater efficiency and agility, and increase innovation. But as companies leverage new workflows, security has not kept pace, and cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated. This white paper describes a security paradigm for today’s hostile environment: zero trust.

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