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White Paper | Presented by BMC Software

Automate Cloud & DevOps Initiatives Across All Phases

DevOps and cloud computing get so much enterprise attention and investment today, it’s easy to forget the important fact that they are a means to an end. Businesses are not reorganizing software development operations and redesigning IT infrastructures for the sake of change. The end goal is to innovate faster.

White Paper | Presented by BMC Software

Selecting a Workload Automation Tool

This paper reviews selection criteria for WLA tools based on reviews by real users on IT Central Station, and it explores how to find a solution that fits an IT department’s particular set of requirements.

eBook | Presented by BMC Software

Simplifying Big Data in a Multi-Cloud World with Streamlined Workflows

Big data projects often entail moving data between multiple cloud and legacy on-premise environments. A typical scenario involves moving data from a cloudbased source to a cloud-based normalization application, to an on-premise system for consolidation with other data, and then through various cloud and on-premise applications that analyze the data.

White Paper | Presented by BMC Software

BMC Helix: Helping Companies Blaze Their Own DX Paths

As organizations undergo digital transformation, they are exploring new ways to deliver IT service management. The traditional model of ITSM is changing – and a new way of thinking has arrived with cognitive service management (CSM). CSM brings the enterprises flexibility and choice in the DX journey.

White Paper | Presented by BMC Software

CIOs ID Three Technologies That Are Shaping Digital Transformation

In this tech dossier, gain a deep-level of understanding about where organizations are headed with these critical tools.

Cloud, Cognitive and Containers Integral to Future Service Management

An IDG survey among 200 U.S.-based IT decision makers looked at the technologies and strategies that will drive companies toward their transformation goals. View this infographic for a snapshot of the top trends organizations expect to shape the future of ITSM.

Viewpoint | Presented by BMC Software

How Cognitive Tech is Shaping the Future of Service Management

Nayaki Nayyar of BMC explains how business can be ready for this next phase in cognitive service.

Viewpoint | Presented by BMC Software

The Journey to Drive Service From the Cloud

Legacy media company Dow Jones is now focused on a digital future and accomplishing that change with container-based cloud technology. Simon Clark, vice president of infrastructure and operations with Dow Jones, gave us a look at how the company is tackling digital challenges.