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Integrating Security into Digital Transformation

Join BitSight’s Jake Olcott as we explore what digital transformation means for security, and how security professionals can create futureproof roadmaps that keep their business secure, competitive and relevant.

An Expanding Attack Surface: 5 Tips to Manage Third-Party Risk

As organizations become increasingly reliant on third-parties, they expand their attack surface & put themselves at risk.

CIP-013 Is Just the Beginning: Utility Regulations Demand Robust Third-Party Risk Management

Evolving Cybersecurity Concerns in the Utilities Sector Cyber attacks have the potential to create significant physical consequences for utilities, especially as critical infrastructure operations become more integrated.

Going Viral: The Challenges & Urgency of Managing TPRM

Managing cyber risks has become more challenging and urgent as businesses expand their vendor ecosystems.

How to Use Security Ratings to Optimize Your Cybersecurity Program Performance

As organizations adapt to this change, it’s critical that they understand that their security program within a business context— as well as how to align it to both their business & risk appetite — and ultimately enabling the business to proactively mitigate risk across their organization.

Security Performance Management: Making the Most of Your Security Investments

This paper explores Security Performance Management, which offers a continuous, outcome-driven approach to ensure security investments are efficient and effective.

How to Protect Your Digital Supply Chain & Improve TPRM

Download this white paper to learn how to protect your digital supply chain and create an effective third-party risk management program.

9 Misconceptions About Third-Party Risk Management

Download this ebook now to read more common misconceptions about third-party risk management and see if you can separate fact from fiction when it comes to managing third-party cyber risk

Protecting Against Third-Party Breaches Requires Continuous Monitoring

Download this report to learn how to proactively mitigate third-party risk within your organization.

How to Strengthen Your Vendor Risk Management Strategy Through Automation

Download this report to learn more about the necessary processes and solutions that leverage automation, ultimately allowing security and risk managers to focus on the most imminent risks.

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