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5 Things Successful CIOs Will Do by 2020

Digital transformation, connected devices, intelligent technology: the industry buzzwords are everywhere. But when it comes to staying competitive for the next decade, what do CIOs really need to know? Google asked IT leaders for their take on the attributes CIOs need to become unstoppable. Read what they had to say.

CI&T and Google Cloud Whitepaper: Decision Makers Guide to Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Breakthroughs in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are making headlines daily. These breakthroughs are now available — and increasingly important — to every business, helping turn a vast, complex data landscape into useful business insights. The new CI&T and Google whitepaper: “CIO’s Guide to Data Analytics & Machine Learning” is designed to help business decision makers understand and implement systems to get actionable, predictive insights from their data.