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Miscellaneous | Presented by DataStax

How Active Everywhere Database Architecture Accelerates Hybrid Cloud Delpoyments

With data stored in on-premises data centers, public clouds, and private clouds, companies spend considerable time and effort coordinating and creating data parity for insights and analytics between these various cloud states.

White Paper | Presented by DataStax

Powering Growth and Innovation in a Hybrid Cloud World

Read this ebook to learn what it means to have a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud approach, and why an enterprise data layer is key to taking full advantage of your data in a hybrid cloud world.

White Paper | Presented by DataStax

The Power of an Active Everywhere Database

Active-active and active-passive were the traditional approaches to handling distributed data via multiple data centers. Now—a new approach has arrived, and it addresses the real pain points of enterprises struggling with hybrid and/or multi-cloud architectures and how best to deploy mission-critical applications across these environments: Active Everywhere.