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Developing an Effective Workload Placement Strategy

Determining where to run your workloads is a top challenge for today’s IT. With so many considerations and unique requirements there is never a one-size-fits-all answer. Particularly with mission-critical or sensitive workloads, the ability to easily adapt while maintaining security, increasing performance and maximizing efficiency is key. Hybrid IT is a mix of on-premises and public cloud infrastructure. It’s workload-centric and business-first as it delivers optimal placement options for each workload. The Dell EMC PowerEdge server portfolio can help your organization deliver the best hybrid infrastructure for powering the workloads that power your business. Download this white paper from Dell EMC, Microsoft and Intel® to learn more.

The Role of Modular Infrastructure in IT Transformation

It has become critical that organizations have the infrastructure in place to handle emerging technology. Modular servers help many companies achieve this, because they make it easier for users to scale and manage different workloads. This eBook provides essential information on modular infrastructure, and the role it can play in a company’s IT transformation. First, we define modular infrastructure and highlight its key benefits. Next, we provide an overview of the Dell EMC modular portfolio and introduce kinetic infrastructure, which lays the path for full composability. Finally, we highlight the benefits of our newest modular server, PowerEdge MX, designed with kinetic infrastructure. Download this eBook from Dell EMC, Microsoft and Intel® to learn more.

How Dynamic Infrastructure Accelerates Business Innovation: Kinetic Infrastructure and Dell EMC PowerEdge MX

This paper provides an overview of the changing dynamics in the business world that demand a new approach to IT infrastructure. It provides a perspective for business managers and executives who are looking for a way to align business and IT by facing the challenges of disruption for better business outcomes. We will discuss the Kinetic Infrastructure from Dell EMC, which is designed to support IT flexibility and business agility. In addition, we will describe the first implementation of kinetic infrastructure on the Dell EMC PowerEdge MX system. The paper will explain how Dell EMC is helping businesses to rethink their data center architecture and accelerate their path towards more agility. Download this white paper from Dell EMC, Microsoft and Intel® to learn more.

Migrate VMs Faster with a New Dell EMC PowerEdge MX Solution

One challenge to a successful virtualized infrastructure is ensuring that your multi-chassis modular or blade solution’s networking is fast enough that workloads dispersed across multiple chassis can work together—with little delay. This includes the ability to move VMs quickly from one compute node to another. Download this report from Principled Technologies provided by Dell EMC, Microsoft and Intel® to learn more.

Shifting from a "Cloud First" to a "Cloud If" Enterprise Mindset

Organizations that quickly respond to the customer and the market usually outperform their competitors. Technology is the key to enabling that responsiveness. An IT department that can enable responsiveness through new workloads, applications, and deployment methodologies is invaluable. IT transformation is how most companies deliver true IT responsiveness. This white paper discusses why you should maintain an on-premises IT infrastructure to meet particular workload requirements. The paper also explores the importance of a workload placement strategy and concludes with an examination of Dell EMC’s PowerEdge portfolio of servers. Download this whitepaper from Dell EMC, Microsoft and Intel® to learn more.

5 Reasons PowerEdge Server Innovation Leads HPE Servers

Today's businesses require servers that can provide well positioned, customer-centric innovation that is able to meet the advanced demands of IT transformation. To deliver peak competent performance, these servers must also incorporate intelligent automation and integration features, as well as enhanced, silicon-based security features. This infographic discusses five reasons why Dell EMC's PowerEdge servers powered by Intel® Xeon® Platinum processor outperform HPE servers. Download this eBook from Dell EMC, Microsoft and Intel® to learn more.

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