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CAA Best Practices - Understanding Certificate Authority Authorization

Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) enables a domain owner to specify in their DNS records the certification authority (CA) that is authorized to issue certificates to their domain. The new CAA policy has been defined by the CA/Browser forum and took effect September 8, 2017. With this guide learn more about CAA and what it means for you and your business.

Frost & Sullivan SSL/TLS Certificates Market Report: Finding the Business Model in an All Encrypt World

Organizations want to avoid the negative publicity associated with security breaches and customers want to be assured of data protection when making online transactions. In this condensed report, catch the highlights of current industry trends and the ever important need to secure your server with a reputable CA.

Private-Key Duplication: The Safe Use of Wildcard and Multi-Server Certificates

Properly managed, multi-server and wildcard certificates can provide increased flexibility. Since the consequences of a compromise can be more severe than they would be for a conventional certificate, supplemental safeguards should be employed. .

Seven Tough Questions Every Brand Should Ask Before Switching Certification Authorities

This white paper discusses the seven tough questions and key considerations that should be assessed before transitioning to a new CA. It also demonstrates that migrating digital certificates over to a new CA is a fairly straightforward process.

Six Steps to SSL Certificate Lifecycle Management

This guide - intended for IT and security professionals - outlines the key elements of a certificate lifecycle management process and how to provide adequate tools and training to implement this process.

eGuide | Presented by Entrust Datacard

SSL/TLS Best Practices

There are many risks that come with the implementation of security using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.

The Business Value of Document Signing

Document signing certificates enable organizations to digitally sign Adobe®, Microsoft Office® and other document types, marking them with visual trust indicators that verify the publisher's identity-an indication that the document has not been altered.

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