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A Start-Up Mentality for Innovation at Scale: To the Cloud!

Making cloud technology easier to use. Leveraging cloud-based analytics, AI/ML to accelerate innovation.

Finding the Right Analytics Solution for SAP Customers

Reluctant to deploy your SAP environment to the cloud for fear of a business continuity disruption or security risks? Find out why Enterprise Strategy Group recommends Google Cloud for SAP customers.

Gain a Competitive Edge by Moving Your SAP Environment To the Cloud

Want to increase productivity, profitability, and eliminate downtime? Learn how moving your SAP workloads, data, and applications to Google Cloud can help you successfully transform your business.

Leveraging Cloud Capabilities To Spur Innovation

Wondering how to spur innovation at scale to generate revenue? Learn how migrating ERP workloads to the cloud can help you leverage next-gen tech like data analytics, AI, and machine learning.

Understanding the Business Value of Running SAP in the Cloud

Is migrating your SAP environment to the cloud worth the investment? Find out how other organizations realized the value of doing so -- from revenue gains to minimizing risk to increasing productivity.