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Tapping Multiple Cloud Vendors Delivers Clear Business Benefits

Companies with multi-cloud services are outperforming their peers on a number of metrics - and achieving the key objectives that led them to the cloud services model.

The Heart of Digital Transformation: Master Data Management webinar

At the heart of a digitally transformed organization is data- data that can be trusted and securely accessed by everyone in the organization to enable new product creation, superior customer experiences or deeper marketplace insights. To reach this level of maturity, organizations are starting to leverage master data management (MDM) solutions to foster and deliver trusted data to their line of business data consumers such as marketing and sales. Benefits include faster time to value, self-service access to product and customer data including the relationships between them, and a central multi-vendor, multi-channel distribution management hub.

Supply Chain Trends and Predictions - Content Provided by IBM

Hear IBM’s VP of Supply Chain and IDC’s foremost supply chain expert talk about how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing today's supply chain.

Transform Your Business Network with Watson - Content Provided by IBM

Transform your B2B network and your company with the power of AI.

Forrester Report: Mobile Vision 2020 - Content Provided by IBM and Forrester

How drastically will your business’ mobile management approach change in the next three years?

Ten rules for bring your own device (BYOD) - Content Provided by IBM

How to protect corporate data on personal devices used for work.

Best Practices for Secure Authentication - Content Provided by IBM

A white paper details how to apply authentication methods that strengthen security while delivering an excellent user experience.

CISOs Investigate: Endpoint Security Peer-authored Research - Content Provided by IBM

CISOs Investigate is a series that offers first-hand insights to security leaders as they make business-driven risk and technology decisions.

Cloud Migration: Accelerating your journey to cloud - Content Provided by IBM

Clients are adopting all layers of the cloud architecture.

Demo: IBM Cyber Incident Recovery - Content Provided by IBM

Demonstrates how cyber incident recovery helps protect applications and data against cyberattacks and rapidly recover from cyber incidents.

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