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Best Practices for Dedicated Cloud Infrastructure

Dedicated infrastructures are here to stay, but traditional data centers are expensive and difficult to manage.

eBook | Presented by IBM Corporation

IBM Managed Private Cloud IaaS: A Path to Digital Health

Healthcare companies are in transition – but also challenged by security, compliance, and legacy infrastructure. The answer lies in finding a partner to help navigate the complex cloud terrain.

eBook | Presented by IBM Corporation

Private Cloud IaaS Offers Secure and Compliant Modernization for Financial Services Firms

The IBM Managed Private Cloud IaaS solution balances the need for control with the goal of cloud enablement for financial firms.

The Best of Both Worlds: The Case for Harmonizing Public and Private Cloud Platforms

For healthcare, financial, and public sector organizations facing compliance regulations, Managed Private Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is a better option.

eBook | Presented by IBM Corporation

Transforming Public Sector Engagement with Managed Private Cloud IaaS

While the cloud is the engine to drive digital transformation, security and compliance present a hurdle for the public sector. IBM Managed Private Cloud IaaS can help alleviate the challenges.

Leveraging Technology and Process to Automate Record Categorization and Data Classification

Join us as we explore the topic of automating recording categorization and data classification. We’ll examine how a healthcare company identified and classified records within 1.5 billion messages, and developed a BAU process for record classification.

Supply Chain Trends and Predictions - Content Provided by IBM

Hear IBM’s VP of Supply Chain and IDC’s foremost supply chain expert talk about how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing today's supply chain.

Demo: IBM Cyber Incident Recovery

Demonstrates how cyber incident recovery helps protect applications and data against cyberattacks and rapidly recover from cyber incidents.