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3 Ways Innovative Industrial Machinery & Components Companies Are Transforming Their Business

Industrial Machinery and Component (IM&C) manufacturers are at a crossroads. With an increasingly competitive environment, business operations are now heavily rooted in immediacy: customers want real-time updates about their orders, shop floor personnel want to proactively maintain production equipment, and executives need to track distribution that’s happening around the globe.

4 Ways Innovative Wholesale Distributors Are Transforming Their Business

Rapidly evolving market realities are driving fundamental transformations in business practices in virtually every industry, including wholesale distribution. These transformations are moving rapidly through the wholesale distribution industry as they are viewed as critical for maximizing supply chain performance and delivering an exceptional customer experience. However, unlike previous iterations of business change, this new era is witnessing a more sudden and rapid revolution in technology and processes as wholesalers place more emphasis on understanding customer requirements, and profitably managing the sourcing and storage of inventory.

How Chemical Companies Compete in the Digital Economy

The growing digital economy continues to take hold around the globe and introduces new challenges for the chemical industry.

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SAP S/4HANA Transition Buyer's Guide

Today’s business leaders can no longer afford to wait to see what the future holds. They need to do more than respond to emerging trends. They have to anticipate them. They have to weed out complexity and find simpler, more efficient, and less costly processes—processes they haven’t even yet discovered. They have to uncover new insights that lead to fundamental transformations in the way they do business. In other words, they have to define the future for themselves—and they need to do it now.

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The Consumer-Driven Digital Economy

Creating Value in a Digital World Where the Consumer is the Charge