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Unlocking Business Acceleration in a Hybrid Cloud World

Realizing the operational agility you expect from cloud requires more than IT modernization.

Migrate Workloads to the Public Cloud: A Google Guide

Migrating on-premises workloads to the cloud can be a challenge, especially in terms of preparation and planning.

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“Security at Scale With Cloud Computing,” by Google

This guide highlights five security measures every company can take to build a stronger security environment of their own, starting now.

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Your Journey to the Cloud: A Guide From Google

A vast majority of cloud projects are considered difficult or failing.

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Future of Cloud Computing: A Report From Google

Craft winning cloud strategies that help your business make the most of cloud now and in the future.

Comparing CI and HCI architecture, features, and benefits

This infographic explores what makes each option unique, as well as how to know which might be best for your business.

Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure (CI and HCI)

This video explores how to use CI and HCI to achieve the scalability and agility of public cloud with the security and cost control of on-premises infrastructure.

Forrester report: “The New Economics Of On-Premises Infrastructure"

This report reviews the basic concepts and variations of this economic model.

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Do Your Life's Work From Anywhere With NVIDIA Virtual GPU Solutions

From bankers to brokers, asset managers to traders, professionals in the financial services industry are accustomed to working in highly customized, onsite work environments. But as working remotely becomes a necessity in times of emergency, these professionals find themselves navigating uncharted waters with dispersed teams located at offshoot sites or from home.

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eBook: The State of IT Modernization 2020

This ebook delivers results from the Insight-commissioned IDG survey “The State of IT Modernization,” exploring concerns shaping the current IT landscape — like the fact that nearly half of IT leaders struggle to manage public cloud security. Read to learn more on the state of modernization.

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