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Connected Health Strategies

Discover how Tech Data, a global provider of technology products, solutions, and services, provides channel partners with the expertise and market reach to help bring their products to market in an efficient way.

Improving Patient Safety with Remote Monitoring

Read this case study to find out how, with the help of Intel® technologies, Wachter’s NOVA solution has helped a hospital cut costs, improve patient satisfaction, and reduce falls.

Remote Monitoring: The Vision for Patient Safety

Learn more about Wachter’s solution and the unexpected, valuable uses of remote care options.

The Power of Digital Solutions

Find out how Tech Data is perfectly poised to simplify the complexity of IoT and Analytics, by helping channel partners bring to market the solutions the world needs to connect, grow and advance.

Behind the Scenes: Software Robots Manage Business Ops

Find out how a solution from Elitegroup Computer Systems Co., LTD can automate repetitive tasks, enabling knowledge workers to focus on more meaningful work, becoming more productive and driving businesses forward.

Benchmarks Influence AI Server Design

Discover the approach ComBox Technology took as it designed its new AI server to produce a power-efficient, performant inferencing solution for many types of workloads.

HVAC SIs: Leverage Stimulus for K-12 School Upgrades

Discover how Arrow Electronics helps Systems Integrators (SIs) bring solutions to market that can increase energy efficiency and improve air quality in K-12 schools.

Industry 4.0: From Physical Connectivity to the Cloud

Learn how American Portwell Technology, a provider of industrial PC and embedded computing solutions, offers an alternative through a hybrid approach to the I/O challenge that offers the cost benefits of off-the-shelf systems while still providing flexibility.

Next-Gen MES Connect OT and IT in the Smart Factory

Discover how MPDV Mikrolab GmbH, a leader in IT systems for manufacturers, helped a German-based manufacturer of sanitary peripherals for water taps coordinate its entire process and streamline production.

Reopening Public Spaces with AI

Find out how Beabloo can help businesses and government organizations make public spaces not only safe, but inviting—while providing great return on investment.

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