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White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

Cloud Lessons Learned: Four Companies That Migrated Their Windows Server and SQL Server Workloads to Azure

Read the success stories of companies that increased workload performance and cut costs by moving Windows Server and SQL Server to Azure. Download this e-book to learn about the different cloud migration paths that Allscripts, Carlsberg Group, Epos Now, and TraXall France used—and see how Azure helps to:

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

5 ways team managers can help their teams work smarter

In our e-book, Help your team achieve more: 5 ways team managers can help their teams work smarter, we suggest five effective ways to help team members be more productive

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

A quick guide to starting a cloud migration

In this e-book, we address considerations for IT executives as they determine when and how to migrate business productivity applications to the cloud for maximum business value; and we provide tips for getting started.

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

Transform teamwork with cloud solutions

Take advantage of productivity solutions only the cloud can deliver. Microsoft 365 delivers modern, mobile-ready productivity and communication tools with enterprise-grade security. Discover how you can: - Drive more effective collaboration and creativity - Simplify IT infrastructure and management - Make your data and devices more secure Download the free e-book to discover your action plan for better collaboration.

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Accelerate Sales Performance: 6 Questions to Ask About Your CRM

Foster personalized, meaningful engagement with every customer by selecting a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that integrates AI, automation, and other advanced capabilities into your day-to-day work. Use the questions in this e-book to ensure that you choose a smarter CRM platform that can: • Help your sales team find and connect with every member of your customer’s buying committee. • Generate insights and recommendations to help you understand what your prospects value. • Synchronize data across all your systems so that your sales team can personalize every customer interaction.

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

Beyond CRM: The Sales Tech You Need for a Top Performing Team

Today’s buyers expect personalized touch points along their purchasing journey. In fact, using relationship selling to engage buyers and drive a sale can result in 5 percent higher win rates and 35 percent larger deals. But if you rely on outdated and disconnected tools to do so, you might miss out. Download this free e-book to help enable smarter selling and learn how adding Microsoft Relationship Sales solution—combining LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 Sales—to your existing Office 365 can help you: • Identify and reach better leads • Increase productivity • Build strong relationships • Manage sales teams • Drive revenue

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

5 Types Of Remote Workers

Your remote team members face common challenges. Fortunately, there are great ways to help everyone collaborate better, work smarter, and stay more secure. Access the full guide and get the most from these cloud-based tools: - SharePoint - OneDrive - Microsoft Teams - Advanced Threat Protection - Mobile Device Management

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

5 ways to keep employees engaged and productive

Giving employees the right tools to do their best work can be challenging in today’s world of multiple devices and diverse work styles. This e-book reveals how to choose technology that helps your workforce: - Protect company data - Get more done - Collaborate with colleagues - Stay in control of their schedules - Spend more time on value-added tasks

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

Learn proven teamwork insights that will drive growth

Communication and collaboration are the key to taking your business to the next level. Using the proven principles in this guide, learn how to unlock your team's creativity and drive growth. Microsoft Teams gives your team the tools to be effective, efficient, and focused. - Chat and threaded team conversations - Shared files, notes, and presentations - Meetings, calls, and video conferencing - A wide range of apps to empower your team - Enterprise grade security, compliance, and manageability

White Paper | Presented by Microsoft

Migration Guide for Windows Server

Published: 9/19/2019 This guide helps you understand how to analyze existing IT resources, assess what you have, identify the benefits of moving specific services and applications to the cloud or upgrading on-premises, and plan for an effective migration. We’ll help you answer these (and other) important questions: - How can I know which workloads will work best in the cloud? - How can I reduce risk and increase speed when I migrate? - How can I move my custom line-of-business applications? - What do I do with all my existing on-premises services? - If I can’t migrate to the cloud, can I set myself up to transform my on-premises environment?

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