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IIoT presents opportunities and challenges

Organizations Seek A Multifaceted IIoT Solution To Achieve Operational And Monetization Transformation

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Compliant Application Decommissioning Reducing Costs & Risks

More than ever, there is a need for FSIs to enhance and modernize their application infrastructure, but they face data integrity and compliance challenges due to legacy applications that contain valuable, regulated data and content. This extremely useful information must be retained, given new life providing new context, delivering additional value and enabling reuse. The legacy applications, which may be decades old, are a cost and a risk burden to the organization.

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Enterprise fax with capture technology is key to optimizing workflows

IT decision-makers seek combined technologies and automation to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and tighten security.

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The Future of Fax in Healthcare is Paperless

Paper-based faxing has been the standard in healthcare information exchange for decades. However, the pressure to reduce costs while increasing quality of care and maintaining security and compliance has placed paper-based faxing on the fast-track to extinction.

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OpenText B2B Managed Services

Day-to-day management of your B2B integration environment to optimize supply chain operations and improve customer service.

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OpenText Trading Grid Analytics

Gain insights that lead to action—through historical, current and predictive supply chain metrics.

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Fuel Business Growth: A Modern Approach for Operational Excellence

IHS estimates that oil/gas data volumes are now exceeding 10TB of data per day for a single well. And with data coming from numerous systems, ranging from extract, translate and load systems to various analytics tools, data management is getting increasingly costly and complex. In this live webinar, we’ll examine strategies to overcome siloed information and disparate ERP systems and supplier/customer portals. Fuel operational excellence and business growth—register for the webinar today.