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eBook | Presented by Quest Software

7 Question Quiz - How good is your AD Backup and Recovery Solution?

Integrate Recovery Manager for Active Directory with On Demand Recovery for a complete hybrid recovery solution.

White Paper | Presented by Quest Software

COVID-19 Active Directory Vulnerabilities and Attacks that Seek Total Annihilation

The threat landscape has changed dramatically. Are you prepared for the new destructive attacks?

White Paper | Presented by Quest Software

Implementing NIST, ESAE and Red Forest Cybersecurity Principles in Active Directory

This paper examines how the United States Federal Government and Microsoft have responded to the increasingly pervasive insider threat.

eBook | Presented by Quest Software

Office 365 and Email Migration: Eight Lessons Learned

Customers have used Quest® solutions to migrate over 68 million Exchange and Office 365 mailboxes.

eBook | Presented by Quest Software

The Definitive Guide to SharePoint Migration Planning

A quick web search will turn up plenty of articles about SharePoint migration, many of which emphasize the importance of preparation, but most of them fail to provide any practical guidance. This ebook is different.

eBook | Presented by Quest Software

Top 10 Security Events to Monitor in Azure Active Directory and Office 365

This eBook highlights ten security events that administrators track closely to keep their Azure AD and Office 365 environment secure.

eBook | Presented by Quest Software

A Zombie's Survival Guide in a Changing Database World

Is the database administrator dead? Or alive and preparing for the future?

Balance Cost and Performance when Migrating On-premises Oracle Databases to the Cloud

This technical brief is designed to guide DBAs through the process of migrating an on-premises Oracle database to a cloud service such as Amazon Web Services (AWS)2, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Database Professionals Look To The Future: 2020 Trends in Database Administration

These are some of the findings from a new survey taken by 312 database managers, all members of PASS, the world’s largest community of data professionals leveraging the Microsoft data plaform.

White Paper | Presented by Quest Software

Key Methods for Managing Complex Database Environments

This white paper describes key methods to successfully manage your complex database environment.

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