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White Paper | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

5 signs you've outgrown email and checklists to close the books

This white paper examines the 5 signs your organization needs to move away from these manual processes to modern workflows to allow for a faster close with less risk and improved employee experience.

White Paper | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

An accounting executive's guide to a simpler month end

This white paper examines 5 best practices for improving the monthly close.

Case Study | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

Now on Now: how we use finance close automation at ServiceNow

This case study talks about the challenges that ServiceNow's accounting team experienced each month during the close process that led to the development of the Finance Close Automation app. Now, the team closes faster, has reduced risk, and increased team satisfaction.

eBook | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

The right work, done right

Go beyond adaptive planning to deliver successful projects that drive business outcomes.

eBook | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

Service Health With AIOps From ServiceNow

Learn how ServiceNow Event Management uses AIOps to dramatically improve business service availability and performance by mapping business services with accurate service context, intelligently analyzing events, integrating existing monitoring and event management tools, and reducing event volumes.

eBook | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

Eliminate Business Service Outages By Moving to Service-aware IT Operations

A single outage can be the thread that causes business services to unravel. Can you quickly identify the root cause of an outage and its impact on your business?

eBook | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

5 Steps to Successfully Deploying a Healthy CMDB

Get a detailed roadmap for successfully deploying your CMDB with this guide. Get started on the road to improved business service health today.

eBook | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

Normalize Discovered Software to Effective Software Asset Management

This best practice guide will help you get the most out of software normalization process and showcase the benefits realized during software publisher audits and renewal discussions.

White Paper | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

HIMSS Paper: Saving Costs, Time, and Resources to Improve Patient Care

Learn how hospitals are driving Better Patient Experiences Through Workflow Technology.

eBook | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

Now on Now Story: Taking Charge of ServiceNow’s IT Project Portfolio

In this eBook, we explain the ServiceNow® IT Business Management (ITBM) journey–how we’ve transformed the way we manage our IT project portfolio to deliver predictable, high-value business outcomes.

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