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eGuide | Presented by Zscaler

Network Security in the Cloud

A few years ago cybersecurity professionals scoffed at the idea of moving security services to the cloud. Now, things are beginning to change. This eGuide takes a look at the trend toward cloud-based security technologies.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Zscaler

Five Keys to Securely Routing Your Branches Direct to Cloud

In this webcast, you will learn the five keys to securely routing branch traffic to the cloud.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Zscaler

Secure Cloud Transformation

Siemens talks about the company's secure cloud transformation with Zscaler. Siemens shares insights into the company’s re-architecting of its global hub-and-spoke network to a direct-to-cloud architecture, and explains that because more applications now reside in the cloud, the internet has become the new Siemens corporate network.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Zscaler

Secure Remote Access No Longer Requires A VPN

For 30 years enterprises have used VPN. But users have a poor experience and it places them on the network, increasing risk. See how this Healthcare Technology Management organization retired their VPN and adopted zero trust security.

White Paper | Presented by Zscaler

Say Hello to The Software-defined Perimeter (SDP)

The era of cloud and mobility has created a software-defined world, changing the way we work and transforming the Internet into the new corporate network. With applications moving to the cloud for better scalability and accessibility for users, many enterprises still rely on existing network-centric technologies from when users worked in the office and remote users connected via VPN.

White Paper | Presented by Zscaler

Mission Possible: Accept nothing less than zero trust security

Cloud transformation is driving demand for zero trust. The era of cloud and the increase in user mobility are changing where apps are housed and how people access them. They’re fundamentally changing how we work.

White Paper | Presented by Zscaler

The Definitive Guide To Branch Transformation

The purpose of this document is to provide security guidance for routing traffic locally from your branch office locations to enable direct access to the internet and cloud applications. We will outline the five requirements for architecting the ideal solution. But first, let’s discuss why secure local internet breakouts have become necessary.

White Paper | Presented by Zscaler

Securing The Cloud-Enabled Branch

Together, Zscaler and SD-WAN enable secure, high-performance routing of traffic direct to the internet from your branch sites—without the cost and complexity of traditional on-premises security or VNFs.

White Paper | Presented by Zscaler

It's Time to Isolate Your Services From the Internet Cesspool

With apps moving to the cloud and users moving off network, legacy remote access VPNs no longer meet enterprise needs. This is why many enterprises have turned to software-defined access solutions instead.

eBook | Presented by Zscaler

It's Time For A New Approach To Application Security

Teams must ensure that as they embark on the cloud transformation journey, their apps remain secure. To do this, many must rethink security and look to embrace a zero trust security model. This ebook explains how.

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