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eBook | Presented by BOX INC

How to secure your content in the cloud with Box

Download this great introduction to how Box delivers comprehensive security for all your content.

eBook | Presented by BOX INC

How cloud capture brings your business into the digital age

This ebook details our key takeaways from AIIM's Industry Watch Report, Improving Business Operations in 2017: Capturing Vital Content. We share how cloud-based capture tools are replacing the longstanding legacy of paper-based processes to streamline and speed up the way you do business.

Case Study | Presented by LogRhythm

2018 Cybersecurity: Perceptions and Practices Benchmark Survey

Bremer Bank, headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, is a privately held, $11 billion regional financial services company. As a trusted provider of banking, wealth management, investment, trust, and insurance products and services, Bremer services customers throughout Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

White Paper | Presented by Logi Analytics

2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report

Why do some embedded analytics projects succeed while others fail? Many application teams don't realize that the features they embed and how they develop them have a lasting impact on revenue, customer retention, and competitive differentiation. We surveyed 500 application teams embedding analytics to find out what separates successful projects from failed ones.

eBook | Presented by CBTS

5 Essential tips and recommendations for maximizing your iSeries ROI

As reliable and robust as IBM iSeries (Power) environments have been, many organizations struggle to justify the cost requirements, have issues with downtime, and cannot replace staff with the experience and certifications. This eBook will outline 5 ways you can benefit from moving your iSeries to a compatible cloud.

eBook | Presented by Flexera Software

A Framework to Strengthen Open Source Security and Compliance

Organizations have benefited greatly by the use of and investment in Open Source Software. Improved build times and better quality code has led to more than 50% of applications made up of open source software. The management of these Open Source assets is still nascent. To help legal, security and development teams and leaders identify their existing gaps and direct future investment, Flexera developed a maturity model framework based on an analysis of our customers and the market.

White Paper | Presented by LogRhythm

SANS Reviews LogRhythm CloudAI for UEBA

As uncertainties—cybersecurity and otherwise—swim around us with increased velocity and frequency, it’s always helpful to hear directly from security leaders in the trenches of our industry. These first-hand accounts have the unique ability to shed light on the challenges security professionals and their teams face nearly every day of their work lives. That’s precisely what this “2018 Cybersecurity: Perceptions & Practices” benchmark survey accomplishes. It provides insights into the state of the cybersecurity practice of 751 mid- to large-sized organizations in the United States, United Kingdom, and AsiaPacific regions.

White Paper | Presented by ADP

StandOut: A Team Leader Led Approach to Fueling Engagement and Accelerating Performance

Cut off from where work actually happens, legacy HR systems are ineffective at truly measuring and accelerating employee engagement and performance. Discover the insights that can be gained with an approach that is focused on the team leader. By starting where the work actually gets done and by designing tools for team leaders, discover how to build highly engaged and extraordinarily productive teams.

White Paper | Presented by ADP

The Total Economic Impact of StandOut

Equip your team leaders with tools developed just for them and discover how check-in conversations can help increase engagement. In turn, see how improvements in engagement drive productivity and innovation as well as reduce turnover. By focusing on performance acceleration, StandOut helps all employees do more of their best work to drive the outcomes that matter most to your organization.

6 Considerations when Upgrading your Digital Infrastructure

In today's digital world, network performance is everything. That’s why choosing the right provider is so important. It’s a decision that can make or break your business. While it can be tempting to cut costs by going with an affordable, no-frills network, make sure you don't sacrifice network performance, security and visibility, which could cost you more in the long-run. Build a strong foundation for future success by learning which six crucial considerations you should make before upgrading your digital infrastructure.

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