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White Paper | Presented by FireEye

The SIEM That Cried Wolf

When security teams are only able to investigate 29% of malware alerts, how are you ensuring your SIEM is prioritizing the most important ones?

Miscellaneous | Presented by Trifacta

Choose the right data preparation solution for your team

As you and your team look to invest in modern data preparation solutions, understanding how to evaluate the new technologies can be difficult. There are a slew of new vendors entering the market, new end user requirements to meet, and new features coming on line. How do you choose the right data preparation solution?

White Paper | Presented by IBM

IBM Enterprise Video Streaming and Webex Meetings

Download this whitepaper to discover how IBM Enterprise Video Streaming and Webex Meetings leverage AI to enhance how users interact with recorded sessions.

White Paper | Presented by FireEye

Taking Control of Security Operations

In this white paper, Taking Control of Security Operations, you will: - Learn how to improve visibility and make sense of your alert volume - Discover how to understand and anticipate attacker behavior - Find out how to integrate and automate your products and processes

Miscellaneous | Presented by FireEye

The SIEM That Cried Wolf

Check out this infographic and learn how to enhance your SIEM and move from alert to fix faster.

White Paper | Presented by Expanse

YOUR NEW ATTACK SURFACE: Discover, Track, and Manage the Assets That Attackers Target

Download our latest white paper, Your New Attack Surface, to learn, why the Internet attack surface is the most critical part of your Internet presence to focus on, the most common causes of cyber breaches and how to prevent them, as well as valuable strategies on how to reduce your overall risk profile.

White Paper | Presented by Expanse


In this brief you will learn why you need a single source of truth for Internet-connected assets on-prem and in the cloud, how IT operations and security teams benefit from Expanse, as well as how you can reduce third-party risk with Expanse.

White Paper | Presented by Expanse


Download this white paper to learn the five most common exposures and proactive steps you can take to protect your network.

White Paper | Presented by Carbon Black

Cognitions of a Cybercriminal

Introducing the Cognitive Attack Loop and the 3 Phases of Cybercriminal Behavior.Attackers are getting better at moving around inside systems without being detected.

Miscellaneous | Presented by VeloCloud

2019 SD-WAN Growth Outlook

With over 40 vendors in the hot SD-WAN market, it can be difficult for customers to determine which one they should choose. In this report, Futuriom aggregates its extensive interviews with customers and service providers and details the top drivers for SD-WAN today, use cases and features, architectures and strategies, key differentiators, and then details the top vendors in the market and their respective strengths.

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