Network Virtualization and Security with VMware NSX


This VMware Business Case is for Business & IT Executives, IT Operations, IT Infrastructure, and IT Security professionals. You will learn how leading enterprises are achieving unprecedented value from network virtualization and security for their Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDCs).

Leading enterprises know that SDDCs are critical to modern IT. They are using SDDCs to help drive innovation, accelerate business velocity, establish competitive advantage, and reduce overall IT costs. They have turned to VMware for the vital pillars of their SDDC platform and approach. These enterprises use VMware NSXTM network virtualization and security in concert with VMware storage and server virtualization in a unified platform that powers their SDDCs.

With NSX, enterprises are achieving unparalleled speed, agility, and security – with orders of magnitude better economics, flexibility, and choice. Following are some of the major use cases and IT outcomes being achieved by enterprises using NSX:
• Micro-Segmentation – Firewall controls and security for East-West traffic inside the data center. Minimizes the
risk and impact of data breaches. Approximately 68% CapEx savings.
• IT Automation & Orchestration – Reduces the manual effort and cycle time for network provisioning and
management. Accelerates IT service delivery and time-to-market for new applications. 56-86% OpEx savings.
• IT Optimization & Refresh – Catalyst to modern leaf / spine network fabrics, bare metal switches, open
networking, and other data center optimizations. 66-88% CapEx savings.
• Disaster Recovery – Cloud-scale service availability. Reduces the risk and impact of unplanned outages.
OpEx savings of $690,000 to tens of millions of dollars (USD) per incident.