ECM in 2022: How intelligent content services will drive content management

ECM is in transition. Veteran vendors are on the defensive while cloud-native upstarts are starting to make inroads. 
So what does the future hold? Forrester Research's updated report: ECM In 2022: Intelligent Content Services Will Energize Your Content Management Road Map takes the long view and concludes that cognitive content services, analytics and machine learning will reshape traditional ECM.
Authored by Cheryl McKinnon, Forrester's principal analyst covering enterprise architecture, this report gives you a five-year roadmap for business leaders to navigate this transition successfully.
Download your copy now to see how Forrester sees the next five years playing out:
  • Why cloud-native and cloud-friendly content platforms will continue to disrupt traditional vendors 
  • How AI and ML will unlock the value of content residing in ECM systems
  • Why hybrid, hosted and heterogeneous deployments will persist into 2022
Forrester predicts 2018-19 will be the tipping point in the shift to cloud-based ECM. So download this report today to stay ahead of the curve.