Top Discrete Manufacturing ERP Systems—Guide 2018

Find out which ERP systems best support the key operations for discrete manufacturers.  This guide describes the core capabilities required for discrete manufacturing (industrial, electronics, machinery, high tech, aerospace, automotive) and the strengths and weaknesses of the top ERP systems.


This competitive analysis guide is based on expert evaluations, user interviews, and RFI data provided by the vendors for actual enterprise resource planning (ERP) selection projects.

Get the key factors for manufacturing ERP and a comparison of top systems:

  • Key Differences Between Process ERP vs. Discrete ERP
  • Critical ERP Capabilities for Discrete Manufacturers
  • Top 10 Reasons Companies Choose Process ERP Systems
  • Top Manufacturing ERP Systems Strengths and Weaknesses  
  • Expert Recommendations and Pricing

Get this practical guide today to find out which system is best for you.


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