Escape Your Legacy Backup Provider - Three Steps to a Better Backup Renewal

Cloud storage costs continue to decline and are now cheaper than data center storage. Couple this with the undeniable move to cloud as enterprises modernize and it’s clearly time to re-evaluate your backup infrastructure strategy.

If you are paying more than $150/FETB for maintenance, more than $600/TB for hardware refreshes, or spending more than five hours per week administering your backup environment, then you will gain a more agile and cost-effective solution with a move to cloud data protection. In this presentation, Druva’s Chief Product Officer, Mike Palmer, breaks down the backup renewals process and pricing, and will help you evaluate the pros and cons of legacy on-premises solutions versus SaaS based data protection.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about:

•    Market forces impacting data backup strategies and IT budgets
•    How to know if your renewal is costing you more than modernizing
•    Three steps to better backup, whether you’re six months or one month from renewal

Featured Speaker:
- Mike Palmer, Chief Product Officer, Druva