Avoiding the Top 3 Security Challenges of Digital Transformation

In the current business landscape, critical systems such as ERP, CRM, collaboration and communication platforms, customer-facing apps, and other business tools are moving to the cloud. Office 365, for example, is now used by 1 in 5 corporate employees worldwide, making it the most widely used cloud service by user count. At the same time, “appliance-based network security models (designed originally to protect on-premises architectures) are being replaced,” according to Gartner.

Join us for a provocative discussion with Mehul Patel, Menlo Security’s Director of Product Marketing, around such questions as:

  • Why are existing security infrastructures inadequate for large-scale SaaS adoption?
  • How can you reduce MPLS backhaul costs and increase Internet bandwidth for users?
  • How can you maintain visibility and control over users’ traffic and protect against data exfiltration?