Danger Hiding In Plain Sight: Controlling Weaponizable Applications

When most tech companies talk about threats from within, more often than not they are referring to a company’s most common network gateway, its employees. But there are far more internal threats than just the human ones, frequently used applications being at the top of that list.

In fact, in 2018, fileless attacks were up 94% – 3 times more frequent than ransomware attacks to endpoints. Fileless Malware takes advantage of vulnerabilities in legitimate applications installed by default and used daily by the workforce, like Microsoft Office, WMI and Adobe, among others. Foregoing use of these applications isn’t an option, so how can you ensure that hackers won’t turn them against you?

In this eBook, we will cover how to identify that a non-malicious application has been weaponized, the most common methods (like PowerShell), used to carry out attacks and methods to ensure your network stays protected against these kinds of threats.