Jump Start Mobile Testing

The very spice of mobility – its rich variety of mobile platforms (devices, OS versions, and form factors) – can make app and web testing maddeningly difficult. The desire to test on “enough” different mobile platforms can cause chaos, particularly when team members are geographically dispersed. Worse, mobility renders our accustomed rapid access to productionequivalent testbeds, pillars of continuous integration and continuous testing, even more challenging. Unlike desktop web where we spin up virtual machines at will, we cannot spin up real mobile devices. Although simulators have a useful role in app development and checkout, complete testing requires real devices, which cannot be virtualized. Under such restrictions, progress in implementing a DevOps culture can be halted or reversed.

The best practitioners manage to retain agile goals while still overcoming mobility’s challenges and meeting manufacturers’ requirements. In this paper, we outline some of the decisions and programs we have seen in successful enterprises – key characteristics of their DevOps and app delivery programs.