Best Practices to Optimize and Secure Your Trading Infrastructure

Reliable gap detection, high-resolution microburst detection, and real-time latency measurements throughout your global trading infrastructure are all integral to accelerating problem remediation — but increasing network complexity coupled with higher data volumes is making it exceedingly difficult. And, while performance is an very important dimension, having an in-depth view of your infrastructure security and indicators of compromise are just as important. Do you have the insights into the effectiveness of your current security posture and actionable intelligence to improve it?

In this webinar with Fixnetix and Keysight, experts share best practices and recommendations on implementing trading infrastructure monitoring fabric for both performance and network security.

Join us and learn how to:

  • Understand the unique challenges that have arisen from present day market volatility.
  • Improve trading profitability while reducing the strain on trading infrastructure and service disruptions.
  • Necessitate rapid issue identification, isolation, and problem resolution -Proactively assess your network security by simulating the latest attacks, identifying misconfigurations, and fixing vulnerabilities.