Your Ultimate Guide to Incorporating Testing in an Agile Setup

The software development world is persistently evolving, expected to be worth $507.23 billion in 2021. New methodologies, tools, approaches, and technologies are getting introduced that aid in the development and delivery of better-quality software. From rigid approaches to software development, the world has now moved to more flexible and resilient paths that are paving the way for more efficient and effective software development. As today’s digital customers get increasingly aware and informed, the demand for high-quality software is at an all-time high. This puts a lot of pressure on QA teams to embrace new ways of testing, so bugs can be identified (and rectified) early and quality demands can be met – within time and budget.

In an agile setup, testing is considered an integral (as well as continuous) part of software development – and not something that should be implemented after the product has been developed. This white paper provides insights into detail about how teams can adopt continuous testing in their delivery setup with ease.