AI: 5 Steps to Get Started

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) across every industry has outpaced predictions for growth. In fact, in a 2019 survey of CIOs, Gartner revealed that enterprise use of AI has grown 270 percent over the past four years. And the transformative impact is clear: AI is creating innovative new products, boosting revenues, cutting costs, and dramatically improving efficiencies. To get ahead of this widespread adoption, enterprises need to anticipate their future AI needs and transition current workloads.

Exxact and NVIDIA are uniquely positioned to provide insight into the AI deployments that can drive these changes. As a cutting-edge leader in AI technology, we not only develop and implement AI within our organization, we help enterprises, organizations, healthcare firms, government agencies, and more adopt, implement, and scale their own AI initiatives.

Whether you’re starting your first AI project, transitioning a team into AI workloads, or looking at infrastructure blueprints and expansions, these five steps will help set your AI projects up for success.