Real-Time Delivery of Business Value with DataOps

Brought to you by HVR Software, providers of real-time data replication for the enterprise

DataOps is not DevOps for data, but rather it is a combination of technologies and methods with a focus on quality for consistent and continuous delivery of data value. But continuous doesn’t necessarily mean real-time. DevOps was created for continuous delivery of new applications in short sprints, but sprints are measured in days, weeks and months, not hours, minutes, seconds or milliseconds – the rate at which new data is being created and flowing in the digital economy. DataOps is helping organizations adopt near real-time data pipelines, analytics and decisioning, and applying better control for improved governance. Faster data is also a driver for adopting DataOps, because the implications of not continuously testing and delivering data and applications in a real-time data pipeline could be catastrophic..

Join Stewart Bond, Research Director at IDC as he discusses the results from a December 2020 survey of data-native workers that have implemented DataOps methods, with Steve Pimblett, Chief Data Officer for the Very Group, an HVR customer. Steve will offer reflections on the survey data based on how he has, and is approaching data strategy, and how dynamic data movement is factoring into DataOps for real-time delivery of business value.

This presentation will begin on Tuesday, March 09, 2021 at 01:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Duration: 45 Minutes