How leading CIOs embrace software defined networking for digital transformation

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Historically, CIOs frequently took networking for granted when building their IT strategy. As enterprises and their applications move to the Cloud and SaaS, the network is at the core of digital transformation, and leading CIOs need to be at the core of the network.

Leading CIOs typically get the link between digital transformation and the network. On one hand the success of digital transformation is dependent on a well-functioning network, while on the other hand the adoption of digital technologies is accelerating network demands. At the same time security is a key concern. Budgets, however, are not growing at the same pace leaving organizations with a balancing act.

Join this conversation where we'll discuss:

  1. How leading CIOs are accelerating digital transformation
  2. Where security fits into the overall digital transformation agenda
  3. How leading CIOs are aligning budgets to balance current and future needs
  4. How the network underpins and enables digital transformation