Driving value from your data in times of change

With digitalization on the rise, organizations are struggling to manage their vast volumes and sources of data to generate meaningful insights—putting them at risk of falling behind competitors who have mastered the art of business intelligence and analytics.

In this eBook from Rackspace + Microsoft, see how a modern data estate and analytics strategy with Azure Synapse can help you maintain a competitive edge while accelerating innovation for the needs of tomorrow. Learn how:

  • A unified data estate can help you improve the quality and value of your analytics investment
  • An end-to-end, fully integrated analytics solution can help you maximize the value of your existing business intelligence tools and deliver an estimated 271% ROI
  • Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and Power BI can increase visibility and accelerate time to insight
  • To power proactive decision-making and agility by democratizing data and insights across your organization