Video: Executive’s Guide to Secure DevOps

Whether you want to call it DevSecOps or SecDevOps or DevOps with a security angle, siloed security is no longer an option.
Gone are the days where the security team can hold all the relevant knowledge for an IT organization and personally enact all the security checks on software code or infrastructure hosting applications. There are too many new applications and features being deployed, too much infrastructure spun up and down daily.
Everyone needs to chip in, and the only way they can do that is if companies properly train members of cross-functional teams on what it means to build and deploy secure software.
This 27-minute webinar excerpt will be useful for Leaders and Decision Makers in Technology Organizations. Particularly those in the midst of or thinking about a DevOps transformation. Brought to you by Skillsoft and Security Innovation, we call this an executive’s guide because we’re not going to be covering the how-tos of implementation from a DevSecOps perspective. We’re really going to be focusing on getting your organization and your teams prepared for it.