The Changing Face of Web Application Security

The changing landscape of security threats—from networks to applications, from business disruption to data exfiltration and from single vector to multi-dimensional attacks—is driving an architectural shift in the security industry.

However, the evolution of the modern enterprise has also created precarious interdependencies and security gaps, making it significantly easier to exploit vulnerabilities across the infrastructure, especially at the application layer. Today’s attackers live in a target rich environment. They do not need to go after the hardened targets, instead they focus on those left open, vulnerable, and exposed. Application chaos is leading to opportunities for attackers. It is time to reconsider how we secure them.

In this white paper we will:

  • Explore how the rise of applications continues to drive a complex threat landscape
  • Review application layer attacks and their businesses impacts
  • Highlight how web application firewalls (WAFs) can help mitigate exposure to vulnerabilities, missed patching updates, distributed architecture, and legacy systems before the next breach happens