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White Paper | Presented by ISACA

Safeguarding the Future: How Upskilling Can Protect Your Organization and Employees

Did you know that 94% of key decision-makers say certified staff provide added value above and beyond the cost of certification?

Solving Key Challenges for Multi-Vendor Security Environments

Learn how multi-vendor ecosystems are benefiting from Microsoft Sentinel — and transforming with managed security — in this ebook.

Spectrum Enterprise Trunking: Scaling Your Communications for Enterprise

Spectrum Enterprise provides industry-leading solutions to modernize enterprise voice services for on-premises phone systems. This executive brief describes the latest trends in scaling enterprise communications, explores how voice system consolidation keeps customers connected and employees productive and explains how Spectrum Enterprise is ready to support your organization realize its communications strategy.

eBook | Presented by Databricks

The Big Book of Data Engineering

This how-to guide provides everything you need to learn how to translate raw data into actionable data. You’ll learn best practices from leaders and experts using code samples, notebooks and public data sets.

eBook | Presented by Databricks

The Bill Inmon Book

According to Bill, the data lakehouse presents an opportunity similar to the early years of the data warehouse market. The lakehouse’s unique ability to combine the data science focus of the data lake with the analytics power of the data warehouse — in an open environment — will unlock incredible value for organizations.

White Paper | Presented by Insight & IBM

2021 IBM Security X-Force Cloud Threat Landscape Report

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the cloud threat landscape from this 2021 IBM report.

White Paper | Presented by Akamai & AT&T

7 Common Ways Ransomware Can Infect Your Organization

Recent ransomware attacks have shown the danger of losing access to your data, devices and services, and the problem is compounded by threat actors exfiltrating data and leaking it on public sites. So just how does this devastating malware infect devices? See the seven most common ways ransomware can infect your organization and learn the steps you can take to secure your endpoints and defend your network.

White Paper | Presented by Akamai & AT&T

A Modern Architecture To Enable And Protect The Remote Workforce

Businesses pivoted quickly to support work from home (WFH) employees, but have learned that legacy VPNs are ill-equipped to manage massive numbers of remote workers, particularly when accessing cloud-based applications. To meet the demands of mobile and WFH employees, organizations need a unified approach that leverages machine learning to prevent threats and optimize security while offering greater visibility into the network. Learn how remote workforce solutions from AT&T, powered by Palo Alto Networks, deliver a suite of networking and security services, including VPN, firewall as a service (FWaaS), zero trust network access (ZTNA), secure web gateway (SWG), and domain name system (DNS) security to help businesses secure and support their remote workforce.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Qualtrics

Digital Transformation and the Employee Experience

As CIOs & CTOs navigate the future of work and invest in tools that promote a productive and efficient workforce, ensuring the employee voice is embedded in their decision-making is critical to success. Additionally, we will focus on the importance of gathering employee feedback and creating action plans to mitigate risk as IT leaders steer their organizations through large-scale digital transformations.

IBM Soundbytes: IBM helps Sberbank modernize with Istio

This short video outlines how deploying Istio service mesh helped one enterprise improve customer experience, enhance performance and reduce costs. 

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