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3D printer price drops could lure home users
3D printer prices are dropping into a range that could appeal to home users.
3D-printed modules for Google's Ara phone coming early next year
Lego-like parts that will form the building blocks for Google's Project Ara will be produced on 3D printers and ship in time for the customizable...
HP claims it's solved the two big problems with 3D printing
Hewlett-Packard claims to have solved the two biggest problems with today's 3D printers and will make its first big technology announcement in...
HP makes printing easier, secure in BYOD environments
Using mobile devices for one-off printing tasks on office printers may not be a big deal, but Hewlett-Packard is trying to mitigate any security risk...
Cosinuss in-ear sports monitor tracks your heart rate, no chest band required
Some Bluetooth headsets are designed to get beats into your ear: The C-SP 01 from Cosinuss is there to get them out.
Fujitsu says its all-in-one PC-phones cut power consumption for unified communications
Unifying communications by replacing separate PCs and telephones with a PC equipped with a headset and some telephony software can sound like a great...
Graphical language aims to do away with proprietary digital styluses
Wacom has grand designs for a new graphical language that, it says, will allow input and sharing of writing movements across multiple platforms, with...
Archos turns to Bluetooth Low Energy to monitor activities in the home
French tablet maker Archos is using a tweaked version of Bluetooth Low Energy to monitor and control smart devices around the home.
HP moves to ease printing from Android tablets, smartphones
Hewlett-Packard wants to make wireless printing of documents from Android mobile devices as easy as tapping one button.
Shopping for last-minute tech gifts? Here's our one stop guide
You've only got a few more shopping days until Christmas, and you're still not sure what to get--or even where to start.
Cornell researchers print 3D speaker
Researchers at Cornell University have successfully fabricated a working loudspeaker using a 3D printer.
Mobile Printing via NFC: A Novelty With Little Real Value
About a month ago, Samsung reached out to see if I was interested in checking out its latest personal color printer, which happens to be NFC-enabled....
Gift Guide 2013: Work gadgets
The merging world of personal technology and workplace technology is always a fascinating scene to observe, so a lot of devices here can be utilized...
Microsoft hops on 3D printing bandwagon with Win 8.1 app
Jumping on the trend of using printers to churn out objects, Microsoft has developed a 3D printing app for Windows 8.1, betting that this will become...
Xerox aims to help enterprises curb remote printing costs with new tools, services
Xerox is offering managed service tools for enterprises that want to reduce the costs of remote printing.
Windows 8.1 creates mouse-control problems for gamers
Gamers who upgraded their PCs to Windows 8.1 are enduring mouse-control problems that affect their ability to play, a problem Microsoft acknowledged...
3-D printing comes of age
Boeing, NASA, Lockheed Martin and GE are among the large corporations that for decades have used additive manufacturing, known more popularly as 3-D...
3-D printing adds new dimension to business innovation
3-D printing may have an image problem. It's sometimes seen as a hobbyist pursuit -- a fun way to build knickknacks from your living room desktop...
Ultimate guide to the paperless office
You have no excuse for being buried under paper these days. The tools to digitize most or all of your pile are readily at hand and very affordable....
As the digital revolution kills jobs, social unrest will rise
Gartner is forecasting some major changes in technology, especially in areas like 3D printing, machine learning and voice recognition. They are all...