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Juniper opens arms to OpenDaylight

Juniper has submitted a plugin for its open source SDN controller to the OpenDaylight Project, an effort Juniper's a member of but has publicly dismissed. SDNCentral reports that Juniper's OpenContrail plugin was submitted to OpenDaylight the week of April 14 when yours truly was vacationing with his spring breaking children.

The OpenContrail v1.0 plugin will provide the initial and continuous integration and interworking between the OpenDaylight controller and OpenContrail. The plugin will enable OpenDaylight to utilize OpenContrail's cloud networking and network functions virtualization (NFV) capabilities, including management of virtual overlay networks for private enterprise and service provider clouds, and service chaining using Layer 3 overlays.

The plugin will also enable OpenContrail to respond to OpenStack Neutron calls through OpenDaylight's Neutron API Service. Neutron is the networking service component of the OpenStack cloud orchestration architecture.

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