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Metro Ethernet News
Comcast defends proposed Time Warner Cable deal
Cable giant Comcast has fired up its messaging machine to promote its proposed US$45.2 billion purchase of fellow cable television and broadband...
Vodafone agrees to buy Spanish cable operator Ono for €7.2 billion
Vodafone Group continues to strengthen its fixed network holdings by acquiring Spanish cable operator Ono for a!7.2 billion (US$10.1 billion).
Huawei chip partnership looks toward Ethernet hitting 400 gigabits
A demonstration this week by networking vendor Huawei Technologies and chip maker Xilinx signaled the optical industry's eagerness for...
Cisco patches vulnerabilities in small business routers and wireless LAN controllers
Cisco Systems released new firmware versions for some of its small business routers and wireless LAN controllers in order to address vulnerabilities...
Attack campaign compromises 300,000 home routers, alters DNS settings
A group of attackers managed to compromise 300,000 home and small-office wireless routers, altering their settings to use rogue DNS servers,...
Broadcom hopes to help OpenFlow take off with new chip integration
Chip maker Broadcom has announced a new specification along with software and APIs to improve the performance of OpenFlow switches and to make it...
10 cities that provide 1-Gig internet services
Municipal broadband is becoming a contentious issue in the race to establish ubiquitous high-speed Internet throughout the United States.
Inside the tiny Kansas town battling cable lobbyists over municipal broadband
When the Kansas state senate proposed legislation barring local governments from providing high-speed Internet to their citizens, one small...
Qualcomm and Cisco join forces to improve wireless coverage at the office
Qualcomm and Cisco Systems have started developing small cells customized for enterprises, which will be able to use the products to improve indoor...
As Google Fiber approaches in Austin, Time Warner ups broadband speeds
With Google Fiber about to begin a fiber Internet service in Austin, Texas, Time Warner Cable said Thursday it is increasing home broadband speeds in...
Asus, Linksys router exploits tell us home networking is the vulnerability story of 2014
If you're using network-attached storage, video surveillance equipment, or remote router management software, beware of dodgy firmware--it's...
Exploit released for vulnerability targeted by Linksys router worm
Technical details about a vulnerability in Linksys routers that's being exploited by a new worm have been released Sunday along with a...
WifiForward group shows growing competition between carriers and cable operators
Cable operators Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications have joined forces and formed WifiForward, an organization that will work to...
Worm 'TheMoon' infects Linksys routers
A self-replicating program is infecting Linksys routers by exploiting an authentication bypass vulnerability in various models from the vendor's...
Comcast buying Time Warner Cable in $45.2 billion all-stock deal
Comcast will acquire Time Warner Cable in a US$45.2 billion all-stock deal, the companies said Thursday.
Google Wi-Fi could soon connect again in Mountain View
Residents of Google's hometown could soon be connecting to the Internet again via a free, citywide Wi-Fi network.
Sierra Wireless' new LTE gateway can take over when your fixed line fails
For enterprises that are thinking about switching from fixed to wireless Internet access, Sierra Wireless has launched the AirLink ES440 LTE gateway.
French data-roaming competition gives a glimpse of Europe's future
French operator Orange has announced a number of packages that include data roaming abroad, joining competitors in a move that is likely be...
Google uses YouTube performance to rate ISPs
A new Google service uses YouTube to shed some light on the bandwidth delivered by ISPs.
Fon working with Qualcomm on new router and chip integration
With new Qualcomm-based products, more funds and a U.S. expansion, free Wi-Fi aggregator Fon expects to reach 35 million hotspots by 2016.