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Microsoft Office vs Google Docs: The Fat Lady hasn't sung yet

I was reading ComputerWorld's Preston Gralla's article on Microsoft Office whipping Google Docs. I just don't see it. While I agree that you can't compare the feature set of power tools that MS Office gives you compared to the utilitarian features from Google, I don't know if I would say the game is over quite yet.

Let me say from the outset that I actually prefer MS Office to Google Docs, hands down. For my part, I really do wish it was over. I don't like editing in Google Docs and for anything other than simple Word or very simple spreadsheets, it's just a web-based notepad.

So why does Google still have a chance? Simple. Most users are not power users. Like many software products, 80% of the users only use 20% of the features. The rest are nice to have for the once a year time you may use them. What Google does really well is make it easy to share documents for multiple people to use.

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