porsche electric racecar

SD-WAN, SASE prove essential tools for Porsche’s electric-racecar success

Data from Porsche E-cars flows from racetracks around the world to Germany via Cato Networks SD-WAN and SASE where it's used to optimize tactics real-time.


Microsoft details its ChatGPT hardware investments

In addition to sinking billions into OpenAI, Microsoft spent hundreds of millions on hardware.

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India set to announce its first semiconductor fab

By promoting local manufacturing, India can reduce its dependence on imports and increase its ability to withstand global supply chain disruptions.


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Palo Alto bolsters AI support in SASE, SD-WAN products

Updates include enhanced AI for Palo Alto’s Prisma SASE plus a new controller and IoT capabilities for Prisma SD-WAN.

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Dell offers bare metal cloud via colocation

Dell teams with colocation services provider Cyxtera to provide on-demand access to PowerEdge infrastructure, while a partnership with ZutaCore gives Dell access to liquid cooling technology.

Time displayed on Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (5th Gen)

Using the at command to schedule tasks on Linux

The at command allows you to run a task on a Linux system at any time or date you specify.


How network pros can fight being squeezed out of cloud decisions

Guaranteeing a role in planning multicloud networks requires networking teams to acquire cloud skills, embrace NetOps, and focus more on their organizations’ business goals.

thousandeyes map

Weekly internet health check, US and worldwide

ThousandEyes, which tracks internet and cloud traffic, provides Network World with weekly updates on the performance of three categories of service provider: ISP, cloud provider, UCaaS.

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HPE Aruba, Microsoft Azure, and reelyActive speed streaming of IoT data to the cloud

Aruba IoT Transport for Azure is a service that converts multiple types of IoT data into formats that are compatible with applications in the Azure cloud.

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Roundup of high-speed networking updates from Intel, Marvell, Ranovus

Intel boosts bandwidth per channel in latest FPGA, Marvell unveils low-latency Teralynx 10 switch chip, and Ranovus previews co-packaged optics platform with AMD.


Scattered business people in personal wireframe spaces within a massive data repository.

Vast Data focuses on metadata cataloging, encryption support and snapshots

Storage vendor Vast Data adds built-in metadata index, called the Vast Catalog, which details every bit of data stored on its arrays.

white box services network server generic vendor

Best-of-breed networking: There’s an opportunity for white boxes in the WAN

Single-vendor networking has an edge in enterprises, but SD-WAN and SASE are making a case for open white-box networks.

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When does SD-WAN make sense?

Software-defined WAN offers a lot of potential benefits including price, efficiency, and performance, but it’s not right for all sites.

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Intel delays next GPU Max until 2025

Competitors AMD and Nvidia are already working on high-performance computing processors that combine CPU and GPU cores.

170217 chips

US-China chip war to hit affiliates of server maker Inspur

Reported plans to extend US chip export controls to Inspur affiliates signal continuing supply chain upheaval.