Mingis on Tech: Drones on the rise, Detroit on the move -- to Silicon Valley

IDG.TV | Jan 20, 2016

Executive News Editor Ken Mingis and reporters discuss all things drone ("selfie drone," anyone?) and why auto makers are partnering with Apple and Google.

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In this "transportation edition" of Computerworld's video podcast, Executive New Editor Ken Mingis talks with contributing writer and resident drone-expert Michael deAgonia, who covers the finer points (and price points) of quad-copter drones like the Chroma and Dragonfly for aerial photography and explains what the heck a "selfie-drone" is. Senior Writer Lucas Mearian reports on why auto makers are setting up shop in Silicon Valley: as the hardware in cars and trucks becomes a commodity, vehicles are becoming software-defined, which means Detroit needs to partner with Google and Apple -- and their respective CarPlay and Android Auto services -- to meet consumer demand and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.
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