PAL-V opens the first flying car school in North America

IDG News Service | Oct 11, 2016

Pal-V is opening the first flying car school in North America to help prospective clients obtain a pilot's license before the company distributes the first commercial flying car in 2018.

Track 1: Want to own a flying car? First you’ll have to do your homework.

Track 2: Roosevelt, Utah is now home to North America’s first flying car school. It’s here that soon to be owners of PAL-V’s Liberty flying car are taking to the skies to learn the ins and outs of piloting.

“…there will be some stringent criteria to be able to give approval to our clients to fly the PAL-V. Not only will they undergo gyroplane flight training, but they’ll do what’s called a check ride in the industry with one of our main instructors on the PAL-V and if that instructor feels they’re not competent, they’re not safe, they will not be given the green light to fly their PAL-V until they’ve had more training.”

Track 3: Operators of PAL-V’s flying cars will be required to obtain a sport pilot license, which takes about 25 hours of training time. During training, they’ll learn how to navigate, communicate with traffic controllers, and maneuver the vehicle.

Track 4: The PAL-V looks similar to a helicopter, but it’s actually a gyroplane, which makes it safer and easier to operate. Unlike a helicopter, the rotor on a gyroplane is not powered by an engine. Instead, a propeller on the back gives the vehicle thrust while lift is created naturally as air flows through the blades. So even in the event of an engine failure, the gyroplane can safely glide to the ground.

Track 5: PAL-V is currently working with European and U.S. aviation agencies to certify it’s flying car. If all goes as planned, the company plans to have its flying vehicles in the hands of consumers by 20-18.