Google Home is here, so what's the verdict?

IDG News Service | Nov 7, 2016

Google Home launched to consumers in November, but many journalists got a sneak peek. Here's what they thought.

Google Home is now on sale

Let’s check out some of the first impressions

“Google’s hyper-aware, voice-activated speaker dishes up a lot of surprising answers, and it’s smarter, better sounding, and better looking than Amazon Echo.” - PCWorld

“Google Home’s biggest advantage over Alexa comes with the rich reservoir of knowledge that defines Google itself.” - USA Today

“Don’t get me wrong: when Google Home works, it is nothing short of delightful. It just doesn't always work.” - The Washington Post

“Dealing with Google Home is like dealing with a child. You need to speak to it in ways that it understands, not the way you probably talk.” - Computerworld

“Google Home looks like some kind of indeterminate domestic something-or-other—not elegant enough to be an object d’art, but still tasteful, and clearly designed to integrate with home decor.” -PCWorld

Final verdict: Google Home is smart, but it has room to mature

OK Google…that’s all for now