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Mingis on Tech: 'Alexa, what's in the news?'

Computerworld | Jan 25, 2017

Amazon's voice-activated digital assistant Alexa is learning new skills right and left, and can now deliver the latest tech news from Computerworld.

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Mingis on Tech: Alexa now delivers Computerworld's tech news

Alexa, Amazon's popular voice-activated digital assistant, isn't just a fun toy; it's adding new "skills" rather quickly, even in the workplace.

Among those skills is the ability to deliver Computerworld's top tech news in its Flash Briefings -- thanks to some serious coding by Sharon Machlis, executive editor for data analytics and online.

A Flash Briefing is a customized news audio report; you pick and choose the news sources and Alexa does the rest. Machlis also describes how to set up Alexa skills yourself and how to customize Alexa flash briefings.
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