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Tim Cook: ‘I’m proud to be gay’

Google gets its ‘spagger’ on

Yesterday Google was no help when I asked it to find me a definition for a word -- spagger -- that appeared in a correspondence from my kids' school. Today that Google gap has been plugged.

What’s a ‘spagger?’…  (Google’s no help)

What’s a ‘spagger?’… (Google’s no help)

Google rarely fails me, especially when it comes to something as trivial as delivering the definition of a word or slang. Yet fail me Google did this morning.

EFF rates companies on willingness to fight ‘copyright and trademark bullies’

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) yesterday issued a report and scorecard revealing its assessment of how major service providers and social media platforms respond when copyright and trademark holders use those weapons...

Cannon barrel won’t fly

Who could have predicted that the Transportation Security Administration would frown upon a passenger trying to check baggage that contains a cannon barrel?

Beware those Apple terms and conditions

Spotted this one today both in my Facebook feed and on Reddit.

26% start holiday shopping before Halloween?

Google reports that 26% of us start Christmas shopping before Halloween. They also familiarize us with the term "haul video."

Twitter’s timestamp bug, Alec Baldwin and me

Twitter’s timestamp bug, Alec Baldwin and me

This morning I had my own encounter with a supposedly eradicated Twitter timestamp bug that once was responsible for sending the notoriously boorish actor Alec Baldwin into a homophobic rant.

Last ‘celebrity’ joins Twitter: Monica Lewinsky

Last ‘celebrity’ joins Twitter: Monica Lewinsky

Self-described as a “social activist, public speaker, contributor to Vanity Fair (and) knitter of things without sleeves,” she is in fact best known as the last of the world’s pseudo-celebrities to get around to opening an account on...

Namifying has gotten out of controlify

Namifying has gotten out of controlify

Chris Johnson, a Seattle-based branding consultant operating as The Name Inspector, has been watching a company name trend for several years now that is likely attributable to the success of Spotify: slapping “ify” on the end of...

Microsoft's Nadella finally apologizes

Last Thursday Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stuck his foot in his mouth by saying that women should be seen but not heard asking for raises. On Friday he attempted to walk those comments back and was rather oddly credited by many media...

A Halloween warning for air travelers

A Halloween warning for air travelers

I read this from a TSA blog post and ask myself: Really? People really need to be told this stuff?

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