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Will Nvidia give up on the Arm deal?

The Nvidia-Arm deal that would set up Nvidia as a more formidable processor powerhouse faces strong opposition from the UK, China.

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How to inventory server storage with PowerShell

Figuring out how much storage is free on servers is important, and the PowerShell cmdlet Get-PhysicalDisk can help.

AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen & Navi chips

About that 'alarming' chip shortage — don't count on new fab plants to help quickly

A US Commerce Department report says the computer chip shortage is even worse than thought; at one point in 2021 there was just a five-day supply worldwide, and there's no sign the situation will improve anytime soon.


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Hashing out the hash command on Linux

The Linux hash command provides information about commands on your system or those you've run recently, but what you see depends on the shell you are using.

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Weekly internet health check, US and worldwide

ThousandEyes, which tracks internet and cloud traffic, provides Network World with weekly updates on the performance of three categories of service provider: ISP, cloud provider, UCaaS.

Meta plans the world’s fastest supercomputer for AI

The speed of Meta's Research Super Computer would dwarf that of the current world's fastest supercomputer.

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Cisco weds collaboration and SD-WAN

Cisco is adding Webex collaboration to its SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp to support group video calls regardless of where participants are located.

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5G deployment near US airports slowed for now

Verizon and AT&T will address fears that 5G near airports might endanger planes landing in low visibility—for a time.

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Dell expands Apex cloud and on-prem storage options

7 new Dell systems and services cover multi-cloud offerings and more.

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6G exploratory group to be led by wireless heavyweights

Networking’s biggest companies get seats on the FCC's 6G council advising on what comes after 5G.


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Edge computing in 2022: Double-digit growth

Manufacturing and retail are driving sales of edge technology as advanced computing sees greater use.

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New Cisco switch brings more networking features to the edge

The Catalyst IE9300 can bring automation, segmentation, and management to OT environments that typically lack them.

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Cisco chases quantum tech

Cisco research is aimed at developing quantum networks, data centers, and internet technologies that will connect differently than classic networks.

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Backing up a database depends on how it’s delivered

On premises servers, PaaS, and serverless delivery of databases each has its own backup best practices.

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Intel sharpens focus on immersion cooling

Chip giant teams with startup GRC to take immersion cooling mainstream.