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Google picks Qatar for second Middle Eastern cloud region

The new Middle East availability region, in Doha, joins an existing one in Tel Aviv; a third is planned.

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Data center fires raise concerns about lithium-ion batteries

Data center fires aren't common, but they can be devastating. As use of lithium-ion batteries grows, enterprises need to be aware of the risks, Uptime Institute warns.

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Kyndryl lays off staff in search of efficiency

The layoffs are part of a restructuring initiative aimed at improving efficiency and customer service, Kyndryl says.


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Intel announces 144 core Xeon processor

Sierra Forest will be the first to use efficient cores for lower processing power.

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Supermicro has a new liquid-cooled server for AI

Supermicro's new server uses a self-contained liquid cooling system, and vendors outside of the IT infrastructure market are showing interest in the technology.

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Weekly internet health check, US and worldwide

ThousandEyes, which tracks internet and cloud traffic, provides Network World with weekly updates on the performance of three categories of service provider: ISP, cloud provider, UCaaS.

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10-year server lifespan? That's what one cloud service provider plans

Scaleway explains how it plans to use servers for a decade and why it's getting rid of RAID controllers.

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Predictive networking promises faster fixes

As AI and ML are backed by more powerful neural networks, prescriptive analytics will recommend paths to better future outcomes.

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Backup: Don’t forget cell phones used for work

The surest way to protect data created on mobile devices may mean backing it up to the cloud and then backing up that backup.

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Microsoft customers locked out of Azure and M365 services due to geolocation error

Microsoft was forced to apologize on Thursday after implementing a change that saw customers around the globe unable to access its services.



F5 offers new distributed cloud services for multicloud connectivity

F5 wants its new cloud application networking and cloud network connect services to provide a simplified, automated experience to enterprise customers.

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Cloud vs on-prem: SaaS vendor 37signals bails out of the public cloud

37signals CTO claims dumping IaaS cloud services in favor of buying servers can save millions of US dollars per year for the right type of organization.

Quantum computing

Commercial quantum networks inch closer to primetime

The potential for attackers to use quantum computers to crack public key cryptography algorithms is driving research and investment in developing quantum-safe networks.

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Nvidia announces new DPU, GPUs

New Nvidia hardware and software are tailored to supporting AI.

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Ethernet at 50: Bob Metcalfe pulls down the Turing Award

The co-creator of Ethernet reflects on its growth and weighs the impact of technologies from AI to geothermal power.