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NetApp makes big hybrid-cloud push

NetApp announces its ONTAP operating system, FlexPod storage appliance and a hybrid cloud-storage arrangement with Equinix.

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Rescuing a Linux system from near disaster

When a Linux user finds his system nearly out of disk space and unwilling to save files, fellow Linux users online provide a solution.

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Sunlight aims at more efficient virtualization

Sunlight claims its software streamlines virtual environments, cutting the need for server hardware by two thirds and promising similar power savings.


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Cisco upgrades intent-based-networking performance, security, analytics

The new DNA Center software integrates a ThousandEyes agent to improve network-intelligence monitoring, double the number of clients the system supports, and strengthen security.


New NVMe spec brings new support for hard drives

Legacy spinning media will live alongside SSDs with the new non-volatile memory express 2.0 protocol that addresses the needs of HDDs.

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Weekly internet health check, US and worldwide

ThousandEyes, which tracks internet and cloud traffic, provides Network World with weekly updates on the performance of three categories of service provider: ISP, cloud provider, UCaaS.

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Why the cloud will never eat the data center

Even if traditional data-center tasks are all moved to the cloud, there will still be a need for on-site infrastructure that will ultimately require what looks like a traditional data center.

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What you can find out asking which, whereis and whatis in Linux

The where, whereis and whatis commands summarize commands, show where executables are, and point to relevant man pages.

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US IT salaries start to grow as jobs growth remains steady

With the IT pro jobs market steady, competition for some candidates is pushing up salaries, with IT execs seeing the largest gains and staff members seeing the least.

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New Cisco servers embrace hybrid cloud

Cisco UCS X-Series servers have a new architecture that supports blade- and rack-server features to simplify data centers and come loaded with management software to unify hybrid cloud environments.


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Supermicro launches liquid cooling initiative

Supermicro is offering three types of liquid cooling: direct to chip (D2C) cooling, immersion cooling, and rear-door heat exchanger (RDHx) cooling.

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Experimental Morpheus CPU is ‘mind-bogglingly terrible’ to crack

Researchers say their Morpheus processor changes its underlying implementation hundreds of times per second, giving attackers a very small time window to create and execute exploits.

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Could antiferromagnetic chips replace silicon?

Attractive properties of antiferromagnetic memory would include greater density of transistors than silicon provides and be immune to magnets erasing data.

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Open-source: Get SLAs to protect network apps with open-source components

Open-source code in commercial network software can mean that when flaws are found by open-source project teams, fixes don’t make it to the commercial products.

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Make sure your laptop backups can handle ransomware

There’s more than one way to backup laptop data, but not all of them can defeat the tricks attackers have designed into ransomware.