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How IT pros might learn to believe in AI-driven network-management

Explainable AI might overcome the distrust that enterprise network engineers have for AI/ML management tools that have the potential to streamline network operations.

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How many jobs are available in technology in the US?

There are still far more tech job openings than people to fill them.

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Data center developers turn to emerging US markets

As popular locations such as Northern Virginia become saturated, data center developers are eyeing other US regions, including Atlanta, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Denver.


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India reboots plan to attract chip makers to build fabs in country

After several initial deals stalled, the Indian government is re-inviting applications for building semiconductor facilities in the country as the US-China chip trade war transforms the sector.

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Cisco aims for AI-first security with Armorblox buy

Looking to bolster the AI support in its Security Cloud strategy Cisco announced plans to acquire Armorblox, a 6-year old predictive and generative AI vendor that specializes in attack prediction and rapid threat detection.


Google Cloud can tie together enterprise multicloud resources

Google’s Cross-Cloud Interconnect can link customer workloads in Google Cloud to customer networks within Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, or Alibaba.

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Intel looking likely to manufacture Nvidia chips

Nvidia CEO gives the strongest indication yet it will have Intel make some of its chips.

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6 lessons from the Amazon Prime Video serverless vs. monolith flap

Prime Video developers fine-tuned their microservices architecture to address underlying issues that enlisting network expertise might have caught earlier.

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Qualcomm doubles down on its pivot to AI

With Qualcomm facing challenges in the smartphone market, it has set its sights on supporting demanding AI workloads with its upcoming Snapdragon X75 chipset.

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Inside Nvidia's new AI supercomputer

Nvidia's Grace Hopper CPU/GPU combo underpins its supercomputer the company claims can crank out nearly an exaFLOP of AI performance.


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Nvidia’s new Grace Hopper superchip to fuel its DGX GH200 AI supercomputer

The DGX GH200 AI supercomputer is targeted toward developing and supporting large language models. Google Cloud, Meta, and Microsoft already have access to it.

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Resizing images on the Linux command line

The convert command (part of ImageMagick) can change the resolution of image files faster than you can count to F in hex.

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Weekly internet health check, US and worldwide

ThousandEyes, which tracks internet and cloud traffic, provides Network World with weekly updates on the performance of three categories of service provider: ISP, cloud provider, UCaaS.

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Intel revises its XPU strategy

Intel is switching up its data-center processor roadmap, and its proposed combination CPU and GPU, code-named Falcon Shores, will now be a GPU chip only.

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Converge NOCs with SOCs to save time and effort

Marrying network operations centers with security operations centers can streamline troubleshooting and reduce duplication of effort.